Impressed/ Depressed: Week 1 Thoughts

It's usual that we write about teams that we were impressed or depressed with after each week of the college football season.

Would appreciate your comments on it!



I expected the Tigers to win, but I didn't expect the Tigers to have roast duck for dinner. They did, and now they are in prime position for a National Championship, considering their's was the most impressive victory (on paper) of the weekend. The only problem? Quarterback. Jarrett Lee isn't that good, and if Jordan Jefferson comes back, JJ's not that good either.

South Florida

Skip Holtz said that his team wasn't there to take photos. He was right. He took home victory too in the lightning. Could USF be the Big East favourites?


S&P had a look at joystick quarterback Robert Griffin III and decided that America was 'better' because of him. Trust us on this. Seriously though - this kid is that good (he can catch too!). Wide receiver Kendall Wright (he can throw, too!) is going to cause problems, too. Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M should all take notice.


No-one expected Utah State to nearly beat Auburn (they nearly did!), and some people had Texas A&M's game against SMU as the sort of banana skin that the Aggies trip themselves up with. Anyway, Texas A&M brutalised SMU comfortably.

Sacramento State

OK, so hands up if you expected SSU to upset Oregon State this weekend?


Stop the press. Michigan's defense played, er, well - and against a team the Wolverines were expected to beat handily. No, this is not a mirage. This Denard Robinson kid's pretty good, too.

Boise State

This was always going to be a tough road game for the Broncos at the Georgia Dome, but they came through it with flying colors, exposing Georgia's secondary repeatedly. This Kellen Moore kid might just be the best quarterback in college football (and yes, we do realise that there's someone called Andrew Luck who exists).


Won a tough game at Boston College in one of the duller games you'll see of the season. But this was without quarterback Dan Persa. Now imagine what they could do WITH him.

Wisconsin (Offense)

This might just be the Big Ten's most explosive offense. With Russell Wilson at quarterback, Montee Ball at running back and Nick Toon at wide receiver this team's going to be scary.


Wisconsin (Defense)

Of course, if the Badgers don't convert on a drive and don't do a trick play, then the Badgers defense has got to pick up some slack. We're not sure they can.


Unfortunately, Mark Richt's going to get it in the neck from Georgia fans after this loss. But let's face the facts: this is Boise. SEC fans can laugh at this 'lesser conference' school all they want, but they are better than a bunch of schools on their own conference schedule. And let's not blame Richt - if you're going to go for anyone's neck, it should be offensive co-ordinator Mike Bobo. He should have thrown to Orson Charles more.

South Carolina

South Carolina overcame East Carolina, but if we're honest, they were a lot worse than the scoreline suggested. As soon as USC took a double digit lead, ECU started pushing it and that's where they came apart. For future reference (and I can't believe we're saying this), start Stephen Garcia, he was an, erm, revelation coming off the bench.


The National Champions were absolutely awful. This might just be a very bad returning Champion.


They couldn't stop Robert Griffin and they couldn't stop a lot of what Baylor was doing - all night long. The Frogs were hideous in the tackling department. Sure, we expect TCU to run the table from now on....but they'd better get their heads straight for the 'Monster's Ball' against Boise later this season.

Notre Dame

Brian Kelly's face was a picture on the sideline, wasn't it? This picture will continue like this if the Irish's offense continues to splutter as badly as it did against the Bulls.


With LaMichael James injured and Cliff Harris suspended, Oregon's offense spluttered. But there were too many mistakes for the Ducks to last with LSU. And they didn't. If they keep on making those mistakes, the Ducks won't be going to the Pac-12 title game.

Wake Forest/Duke

Had a 29-14 lead in the fourth quarter on the road to Syracuse and managed to blow it and lose in overtime. Not cool. Also on Tobacco Road, Duke loses to Richmond. Wow. To make matters worse for the two schools, the state school with the problems up the road (UNC) handily beat James Madison.


We thought they'd get crushed by USC, but the Gophers battled their butts off to only lose by a field goal in the Coliseum. They completely shut up shop after half-time, making the sorts of adjustments that will drive many an offensive co-ordinator mad. These guys could be dangerous this year.


This team's got SPEED, kids. I hate to say this, but I'm starting to lean towards Florida as the SEC East forerunner. Unless, of course, Chris Rainey gets injured.


Penn State

Some good things on offense (Silas Redd) in Penn State's 41-7 schellacking of Indiana State (who apparently thought about giving up on football), some bad things on offense (we still don't know who the quarterback is). Some good things on defense (they got a good work-out against Indiana State). Some bad things on defense (it won't be as easy against Alabama!). Some good things on special teams (nope, we don't have any), some bad things on defense (the kicking game was horrific).


There's no doubting that Trojans wide receiver Robert Woods is a talent. But Matt Barkley simply hasn't been as good as advertised, and this trend continued in the first game of the season as the Trojans squeaked by Minnesota. True, the Gophers considerably upped their game in the second half, but the USC of Pete Carroll ilk would still have stomped on these guys. Lane Kiffin was right to look a little annoyed (to use a polite word) after the game - there are a lot of things to work on!


If your team rush the field after you beat footballing superpower Middle Tennessee State by a field goal (there weren't too many fans watching), then you've got a problem. Still the Boilermakers would have probably lost a game like this last year. Entertaining game though.

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