If Russell Wilson's for Heisman, then Robert Griffin for President!

In our (very short) pregame notes about the TCU-Baylor game on Friday night, we said: "Robert Griffin is an incredible QB and will cause TCU's defence a whole lot of worry - but only if he get can through TCU's defensive line."

Well, he did - and absolutely destroyed the Horned Frogs, who must have felt like the 2010 Longhorns out there, as 'RG3' (as he's been referred to by everyone from Tweet Republic to ESPN commentators) ripped them to shreds over and over again. It was absolutely awesome to watch, as he - to quote a boxer of some ilk- floated like a butterfly and stung the Horned Frogs' defense like a bee.

It's funny, because we were just about talk about how wonderful he was and under-rated compared to Mssrs Wilson and Luck - unless you count Kirk Herbstreit, who called him one of the 'Best Kept Secrets' in college football.

But then Robert Griffin III, with his team in the midst of screwing up 20-plus point lead against TCU, screwed up himself (otherwise he was absolutely blameless!). He spilled the ball in the fourth quarter trying to 'do something', and the turnover helped to give TCU a 48-47 lead (yeah, we're serious!) and took a raucous Waco crowd out of the ESPN Instant Classic.

A few minutes later, Griffin even TOOK a reception (talk about an athlete!) to give the Bears a prayer of victory. A kicker called Jones made it 50-48 with 64 seconds to go. Prayers happen in Baptist country, we're told.

Then it was up to the defense......which did it's job for once, giving Baylor one of its biggest victories in school history.

What a game. And if you're a Texas and Oklahoma fan, we'd be pretty worried about facing this kid, if we were you.