"The Help"

Want to know how to ruin an otherwise good book? 

One: Accidentally order it in the "large print" edition.  This makes the book feel like it's YELLING the words at you while you're reading. Nobody likes being yelled at so it will make you really think twice about if that's how you want to spend your spare time.  Also, a large print book is big and heavy and you could dislocate your shoulder if you carry it around in your purse (if you have room for it in your purse) - making the only convenient time to read when you are laying in bed so you can rest the beast of a book in your lap.  This will make the book feel like a chore to read and cause you to take FOREVER to get through it - months, in fact. 

Two: Read the book while it is being promoted at the box office as the latest movie. The book/movie will be obnoxiously talked about everywhere you look - TV, Facebook, Twitter, bus stops, magazines.  People talk about it everywhere you go.  Everyone is asking if you've read the book and dammit all you want is to desperately get through it.  Particularly if you are a booksnob and you prefer to discover a good book yourself, LONG before it hits theatres (or in years past, Oprah's book club) because you despise looking like a follower. This is exaggerated when you had actually contemplated buying that book at the bookstore for no less than two years before it becomes the next big thing and you kick yourself for not reading it sooner. 

I recently finished reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.  Had I picked this book up in Chapters long ago when I first saw it (in regular sized print), I think I would have really enjoyed it and and would be telling you all to go out and buy it. But instead, I'm just feeling incredibly "book fatigued" by reading it and am glad to get to the end of it and put it up on the shelf - where it is taking up a ridiculous amount of space.