Fright Night Black Lights: Arizona State upsets Missouri in Overtime

'Twas the night before Saturday,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even a mouse....
Except at Sun Devil Stadium where a capacity crowd,
Was deafeningly loud.

Arizona State - who seem to always be the fall guy when big-time competition rolls into Tempe finally pulled off an upset of their own when they beat No.21 Missouri 37-30 in overtime in front of a stadium-wide 'black out' (note to Arizona State Cheerleaders: The VFA supports your efforts!!).

If we're honest, it wasn't pretty.

  • Both teams gave up a combined 214 yards in penalties. 
  • Arizona State fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter on a bunt return and it came back to bite them as they lost a 14 point lead late into the game. 
  • Missouri - with a chance to win - failed to win on a 48-yard field goal in the dying seconds.
The heroes of the game:

  • ASU QB Brock Osweiler, who threw 353 yards and three touchdowns - and rushed for 34 more important ones, as well as a TD. 
  • Missouri QB James Franklin, who had 319 yards of his own (and 2 TDs).
  • The Arizona State crowd, which was noisy all night long. The VFA has had too many experiences of Sun Devil Stadium where the atmosphere - if we're honest - has been somewhat of a joke. Nice to see it back to its raucous best. Long may it continue. When on form, the stadium has the potential to knock opposing offenses off their stride, and tonight, that was the case.
The villains

  • Both sides managed to give away far, far too many penalties (as discussed earlier).
  • The defenses weren't exactly up to much - and perhaps the reason why bigger, better teams in the Big XII and Pac-10 will pick them apart. Arizona State will also be a little worried about hard-hitting linebacker Vontaze Burflict's injury deep into the game, which will definitely worry the Sun Devils in the future - the pass rush didn't look exceptional after he left the building.
  • Missouri kicker Grant Ressel, who missed a potential game-winning kick from 48 yards. True, 48 yard kicks aren't the easiest, but when the pressure've got to deliver.