Winery Tour/Tasting - Pacific Breeze Winery

Anyone who's known me for any length of time knows that I'm a beer girl.  It has been my go-to drink of choice since the beginning of my drinking career.  There have been a few different drink "phases" in my life (the Cougar Juice phase (aka White Zinfandel), the Vodka/Soda phase, the Martini phase) but I've always come back to beer as it has stayed atop my preference list.

I'm not sure if I'm going through another "phase", but lately I've been enjoying wine more than I ever have (the Cougar Juice phase doesn't count).  For the first time ever I will take a good glass of wine over a beer.

Admittedly I am the biggest wine rookie out there - but, I'm working to remedy that.  I have been trying to be more aware of wine and have been doing different things to try and learn more about wine. I would like my wine purchases to be based on more than just the pretty label that attracts me at the liquor store.

Often when I want to choose a bottle of wine, I will hit up my good friend Wine Snob.  Having a sommalier one of your dear friends is ever so handy when you're looking for a good bottle.  But I can't lean on her forever! I must branch out on my own and make my way in the wine world.

And so I have been trying out different things to learn more.

Just this past weekend I had the opportunity to do a tour/tasting at Pacific Breeze Winery.  I took 3 other wine rookies with me and we had an amazing time!  Not only did we learn a bunch about wine, we found new wines to love and joined their "wine club" (strategically marketed at the end of the tasting portion of the tour) where we can purchase wine from the winery at a discount with the commitment to buy 2 bottles of their wine every 3 months. And they like to choose the wine for you - which I kind of like! They also do a BBQ with wine and a band every few months as well.  Sounds like a good time to me! 

Beer could never do all this for me.

Back to the tour...

We started at the bar of the winery where the first tasting was of their Pinos Gris (of which I purchased a bottle, along with a bottle of their 2007 GSM.). We then stepped outside the door of the winery (sun shining, glasses in hand) to where the winery's one and only vine is growing.  This winery is not on a vineyard and actually imports their grapes, usually from the States.  This little vine is growing out of a crack in the pavement.  I was able to use my knowledge from a previous wine class (taught by none other than Wine Snob), to be a smarty pants and mention that if this vine does produce grapes, they might be very delicious as they would have to work hard and overcome the adversity of growing from pavement to produce it's fruit... 

We then went inside the warehouse to a beautifully set table with various wine glasses and plates of nibbles.  Didn't we think we were fancy...
(Brought along my point and shoot but was I ever missing my Rebel)

Not only were we impressed with the different varieties of wine that they had us sample but also check out this snack plate!  We each had a plate like this in front of us along with a sliced baguette and crackers in the centre of the table to share. 

We then sauntered around the winery (glasses in hand) and were given a lesson on how the different wines are produced.  I honestly learned a bunch and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson!

And when it was all over, I don't think any of us wanted to leave.  Pacific Breeze Winery treated us very well.  Maurice, our tour guide, was very patient with us and answered all our questions and also put up with some heckling and smart ass comments - which became more frequent closer to the end of the tasting.

This was a really fun and excellent opportunity. I'm so glad we got to do it and I'm looking forward to my next visit to PBW.