lesson learned a long time ago: be with those who help your being. mrs. wilson had one direction: "do what you do." on a day filled with life stress beyond my control, mustering the energy for creative work for what i do seemed like a line hard to tow. decluttering the mindspace at first felt like an insurmountable task. and then we began, at our chosen location, this threesome of girls i have come to know over the years with the deepest of affection. a breakthrough happened. the authenticity of relationship is undeniable. no artificial sibling love to dig through and turn around into something lovely. that truth cleared my own obstacles, opened paths of possibility otherwise unaccessible. how grateful to be in the presence of the most important of all things, that which invigorates, rejuvenates, clarifies and inspires: authentic relationship. thank you wilsons, for letting my creative vision be a part of your world.