Why There Shouldn't Be A Hurricane In Miami

Reading Greg Doyel's lovely piece on CBS Sports about why it was unlikely that Miami would be given the death penalty by the NCAA over a brilliant investigation hat over 70 recruits and players partied with Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro, and a ton of money was channeled towards them by the Miami booster, it became apparent that the NCAA couldn't do such a thing because it would send the NCAA itself over a cliff.

In other words, the turkey would in effect be rooting for an early Christmas.

But there's probably another reason why the NCAA wouldn't do such a thing: It doesn't want to 'go nuclear' again: SMU

It went nuclear in football once with SMU, and destroyed a program and a legacy. Sure, that legacy was rotten to the core in the first place, but it destroyed that legacy, and now if you're a rich Southern Methodist, you love football, and you want to find a school to go to,  SMU probably won't be your first choice. You'll probably go to Texas (and then you'll just go to Berkeley United Methodist and be happy with it).

Does it really want to destroy Miami? Does it really want to destroy a legacy of having some of the best athletes in the land going to school there? Does it really want to destroy the golden images (excuse the pun), of players running out pumped in the mist? We don't think so.

We wouldn't want it, either. College football has been great, but it's still not as great as it could be with a strong Miami.

Even if some of their more right wing fans say differently, Florida State and Florida would be want a strong Miami, because it makes Florida a really, really competitive state. We love wide rights, wide lefts, geeky QBs, and ducks with attitudes (it's a duck, right??). And more's the case, it gets boring talking about the SEC all day and night.

What we'd propose is that Miami get a harsher USC-style probation, where bowl games are taken away, there's a massive fine levied against the school (if it is found the school knew anything about this), and scholarships are taken away.

Death penalties in this day and age just ain't cool.