Why Is Stephfon Green BACK in Happy Valley?

After singing his departure with a "We were so disappointed with the career of Stephfon Green at Penn State", we got some stunning news on Twitter today: He's back in Happy Valley.

According to a number of news articles, everything's forgiven after his disagreements with Joe Paterno and now he's back in the running game, and will form a triple-threat with Silas Redd and Brandon Beachum.

No reason was given for his return - although we can say that he's got a hell of a lot of catching up to do after missing most of training leading up to Saturday's game against Indiana State.

But we at the VFA have got one question: Why?

We came up with three options:

1) a) Stephfon Green formally called Joe Paterno and apologised for any disagreements he'd had with 'The Icon' in the past, and said that he would follow his lead because he wanted to get back in a blue shirt and help them to a Big Ten Championship. He probably added that he wanted to graduate from Penn State as a student-athlete, and he greatly valued his education. He also promised to behave.

b) Stephfon Green couldn't find a spot at another school and all of their rosters were covered. Green realised that he was screwed because he'd have nowhere to play football this close to the start of the season, and he wouldn't get in the NFL in a hurry. He called Paterno and begged.

2) Running backs coach Galen Hall told Joe Paterno that Brandon Beachum wouldn't be a great back-up to Green because of injuries in the past and if Beachum or Silas Redd DID get hurt, then they had nothing up the middle. Paterno called Green back and gave him one more chance - simply out of need rather than anything else.

3) Paterno changed his mind and wanted Green on the team because he felt he 'outta give a kid another chance'.

What do YOU think happened?