The New College Gameday Schedule: I'm Wetting Myself Already

College Gameday has selected its first games of the season.....and we're wetting ourselves already.

First, they are travelling to the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, which will see Oregon and LSU play each other in a game that will probably feature discussions about recruiting violations, agents, and possible national championships - in that order. We in particular are happy that the Oregon Cheerleaders are getting their first outing of the season.

Next, they are off to Notre Dame for the Notre Dame -Michigan match-up, where Disney's going for the ratings war bearing in mind they won't beat CBS in the Sunday NFL games. But Denard Robinson, a loud, drunk Michigan crowd, and the opportunity to see how far both sides have come is very cool indeed. We actual hope that both sides lose.

And finally, it's Oklahoma vs Florida State - which isn't a terrible match-up if you consider that many are calling a fast Florida State to win the ACC and Oklahoma to win it all. Pay attention to Landry Jones and that Ryan Broyles kid - it's going to be exciting.

Fans of Penn State will be annoyed that Gameday have ignored Alabama's visit in Week 2, but getting ignored is what the Nittany Lions have been historically good at over the years. If they DO beat Alabama, then expect Gameday later on in the year.