Penn State Running Backs: Ready to Be a Redd-Head?

Right friends, we've been talking about everybody else this season but haven't really talked about Penn State.

That's pretty much because Penn State players haven't really landed themselves in trouble, and the headlines have mostly been around Joe Paterno doing his best impression of a Penn State secondary player and committing a secondary violation because he watched his team players and then told somebody about it. Something tells us - on the second bit - that the NCAA has got bigger fish to fry.

Anyway, we're pretty excited about the off-season. Now Evan Royster's playing in the NFL and  Stephfon Green's gone after a couple of inaffective seasons - despite his sweet acceleration - the focus will be now on Silas Redd to do the job in Happy Valley.

Royster really wasn't that great in his last year at Penn State, but conversely, Redd was, running for 437 yards and two touchdowns - including a breakout game against Northwestern where he put up 131 yards and 1 TD to help Joe Paterno win his 400th game in a comeback for the ages.

According to the clip we're showing at the end of this article, he's got a lot of "zoo, zoo" (whatever that means, Big Ten Network Commentator). In other words, he's not easy to tackle. He's also built like a truck and bullied Alabama's 'D' in the fourth quarter of the 2010 beating the team took from the Crimson Tide. Which was nice - because the quarterbacks certainly weren't doing the job!

Also, there aren't many things not to like about Redd- and one of them seems to be that he's really a very nice kid. Which is nice, if you think about this off-season when the word "troubled teenager" seem to be abounding from Gainseville to Eugene.

Listen, we're not expecting miracles against Alabama in the second game of the season (seemingly NO-ONE will be able to run on that defense this year), but we're looking for perhaps Redd to double up his rushing numbers in his sophomore year - particularly if the Bolden/McGloin - Derek Moye doesn't go too well this year.

Backing him up will be tailback Brandon Beachum, who was hurt in 2009 against Indiana, busting his knee, and is only now back on the scene. Penn State's press guys are saying that he had a great spring , although it's really hard to register his talent after not really being a factor behind Royster in 2008 and 2009. Obviously, he'll be anxious to succeed, and the double-headed monster of Beachum and Redd could really hurt Big Ten defenses - especially in the fourth quarter.


We. Are. (Hoping).