Manic Mind

Somehow the grandiose plans for the weekend managed to (thankfully) get scaled back somewhat.  Still, I was out and about on Friday (cocktails after work), Saturday (took the kids to farm/petting zoo) and Sunday (afternoon BBQ).  We managed to cut out the extra BBQ and the airshow (turns out the airshow isn't until next weekend anyways).

On top of all that, I still managed to get groceries, get the laundry and dishes done, get the house somewhat clean, and make everyone's lunches and set out clothes for tomorrow.

Side note: I also had to clean up a mega-puke from Lincoln on Saturday evening while Steve was still out golfing and today Ruby is suffering from bad allergies and also had a giant barf while I held a bowl up to her face - which made me want to also join in on Barfapalooza.

I will take my martyr crown now, if you please.

I'm exhausted and can't wait to go crawl into my bed which has freshly washed sheets on it - yet I am sitting alone in my kitchen and wouldn't you know my mind is racing forward to next weekend already.

Next weekend looks a little busy too, and I must say that I've been so housebound and isolated for so long that I'm not used to being busy like this every weekend.

Saturday I'm doing a tour/tasting of a local "garage winery" with 3 of my girlfriends.  The tour goes from 4pm - 6pm on Saturday.  I happen to know that there is no way that me and these girls are going to do a 2 hour wine tour and then kiss each other goodbye and go home. Just what we might get up to remains to be seen.

Steve will be taking the kids to visit his mom for the day and then Ruby is staying over at my mom's house and the two of them are going to see Elmo the next day. 

All I can think about right now is the amount of organizing and packing and preplanning that I will have to do for next weekend to happen.  What will they wear, what will they eat, where and how will they take their naps, will I pick up Ruby on Sunday or will my mom bring her home... and so on.

The thought of all of it exhausts me further than I am already feeling right now - which is kind of wrecking the quiet Sunday evening that I've been begging for for the past few months. 

I am my own worst enemy.