Inspired by Photography

Inspired by the Project 10 post by Robyn and 9 other fantastic photographers (it's cool, go check it out) I have decided that I am going to start posting more pictures here, on my blog.

I always worry a bit about what my readers will find interesting or funny or entertaining or whatever and I've been hesitant to post pictures for whatever reason. Maybe I think you'll think it's boring, I don't  know.  That's dumb because this is my house and I should do what I want in my house.  Comments and opinions of others be damned!

Taking pictures makes me happy.  I recently bought Robyn's Canon Rebel (DLSR) and I adore it, even if I am still a little bit intimidated by it. I am finding that the more I use it the better I get at it.  Go figure.  I've also been reading Tykeography, where I have learned a few things.

I sometimes still use my Canon point and shoot and other times I have to resort to using the camera function on my Blackberry - like when I am sitting on the deck, checking twitter on my phone and a cute baby decides to start rearranging the patio furniture.  Had I ran to grab a camera, I would have missed this...

I'll admit that I've also been a little bit shy to post pictures that I've taken because I've somehow become self conscious of the photos I take. I'm afraid the photo savvy folks who read my blog will see a picture that I think is really good and they will see that the lighting is wrong (I am terrible with lighting!), or the angle is wrong, or I should have used a different lens, or, or, or...

I keep saying that I want to take a beginner photography course so I can know my camera better and so I can learn some photography basics. And I keep thinking that once I do that I'll do more with the DSLR.  Because right now I'm a total photography rookie (I hate being a rookie!! I want to be the best at everything!!!!).

But in looking for a pick-me-up and little happy, I'm deciding here and now that I will post more of my picturesI'll try to be less shy and self concious and just post them.

What the hell, why not.