If Losing Running Backs Wasn't Enough, Georgia Loses Party School Status...

If losing just about every running back on its roster this summer wasn't enough, the University of Georgia has lost its status as the country's top party school.

As we'd like to point out, Mum and Dad probably will be happy for this (as would Georgia's administration), which is getting continually pissed off with the amount of people getting ploughed on the North Lawn on football days, but it's never good to lose a good title.

Replacing it on the Princeton Review List is the University of Ohio, which always goes to Columbus for a yearly beating at the hands of Ohio State University - although it could probably out drink them!

Note that Penn State is doing better than the football team by a seventh ranking - we'd all kill for this come season time!!

Anyway, here's the list:

1. Ohio University
2. Georgia
3. Ole Miss
4. Iowa
5. UC Santa Barbara
6. West Virginia
7. Penn State
8. Florida State
9. Florida
10. Texas

I just remembered, the not-often done, but always quoted (and lied about) Playboy Top 10 Party School list was put out in April, but we, being a family website, are not going to dwell on that too badly.