Get Well Soon, Joe Paterno

It's been a horrible week for America.

Wall Street has had it pretty bad, with a 600 point fall on Monday. In short, it's pretty bad for the guys in the suits, as well as Penn State business grads hoping to get a job (or any grads trying to get a job, if we're honest). That hurt me financially - and got us pretty scared too.

In London, there's rioting. That's spread to other cities (Birmingham and Leeds). As someone who doesn't live near the nicest area in the world, yours truly got us pretty scared too.

But that wasn't the worst. Penn State's iconic coach Joe Paterno collided with Devon Smith, one of Penn State's wide receivers- while he was doing a route. And despite sustaining at least one headline fracture, he walked away. In other words, he's a freaking hero.

And in more worrying terms, how could Devon Smith have missed coach Paterno? Or what was Paterno doing wandering out in front of a live session? Seriously!

Get well soon Joe Paterno. We love you.