It has become painfully clear to me that I am unable to successfully do cocktails two weekends in a row.

There were times (years) in my life when back to back (to back) nights out were totally the norm. And I had no problem rebounding – eager and ready for whenever the next opportunity to “socialize” might come along.

As I sit here at my desk on this Tuesday afternoon – after having drinks this past Saturday evening and the Saturday evening before that, I can only think of how I hope nobody requires me to participate in anything cocktail related for at least 6 months.

That may only be a slight exaggeration.

All I know is that after having spent much of the past few years isolated, housebound and unable to do much socializing at all, I have maybe been a little too gung-ho lately since I’ve found that I’m at a place in my life where I do have the ability to get out occasionally now.

And really, I wouldn’t think that going “out” two Saturday’s in a row is too serious and I should be able to rebound better than I am.

But I am not 25 anymore.

Ok, I’m not even 30 anymore!

People require things of me now. I don’t have the luxury of recovering in a peaceful and dignified manner (on the couch, in peaceful quiet and darkness with a large pepperoni pizza and a jug of iced tea). I have to recover on the fly. And on the fly takes a lot longer than I had apparently calculated.

I’m very sluggish and tired and quite non-productive feeling. I just want to be lazy. And I want to eat. OH I want to eat! I’m struggling to maintain my healthy eating habits these past few days. I haven’t exercised since Saturday.

To be fair, I am also on week two of a sinus infection, which is certainly not contributing to any feelings of well being. Yes, I should probably see a doctor but that would require me making an appointment, taking time off work and likely visiting a pharmacy to purchase medication. Just the thought of doing all that makes me even more tired. I’m sure it will clear up on it’s own. (It will, right?) In the meantime, the sinus medication I have been taking before bed is certainly not leaving me with a very “refreshed” feeling when I am forced to leave the comforts of my bed at 5:30am each morning.

I am in a state of feeling blah and I am unable to put forth the effort required to do the things that make me feel good.

So until I start magically feeling “normal” again, I will keep combating the effects of my recent shenanigans (and sinus ailment) by doing the bare minimum and lumbering zombie-like through my life, supplementing myself with cup of coffee after cup of coffee.