A&M to the SEC?

If you're in college football land and you haven't heard, here's the big (rumored) news of the day: Texas A&M's off to the SEC.

The A&M boys and gals will say that it's all about competitive balance, but for a team that's woefully underperformed in the Big XII until last season, then will they be anything more than a poor person's Arkansas?

They won't be as strong as Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas. They'll try and create a natural 'rivalry' with Arkansas, but whether you like it or not, it's still going to be horrible for SEC fans to travel to. Sooner or later, Texas A&M will do what most SEC schools do, and its nose in the air and say: "We don't want to play the Texas game, because we're an SEC school".

But going back to our original point, it's not about competitive balance - it's about money. The Aggies have got their panties in a twist because the Texas Longhorns have got a TV network and they haven't, and the Longhorns will generate the cash and they won't.

And remember, the problem in the first place is Texas A&M's. For years Texas A&M coaching hires have been uninspiring and their teams have been downright disappointing. Aggieland is a great place for people to watch a football game (in fact, you'd probably put in your Top 10 for atmosphere), but they are a mid-rate team, and it's A&M's fault for not putting its money in its pocket and getting the best coaches and recruiters.

But when the Aggies go to the SEC and are a mid-table team them, people will forgive the board of regents. I wouldn't.