A&M delivered a boot to the nuts by the SEC

Despite every college football website - including us - telling the world that Texas A&M's move to the SEC was a 'done deal', we'd like to add another few words: "We were wrong".

In a meeting on SEC presidents, they all agreed that they were happy with the current format of 12, but might want to expand themselves further.

Which makes me think: Could they not find two better schools than A&M? Seriously?

What we also know from the ESPN report highlighted is the Texas A&M are anxious to get out of the Big XII. They are pissed about The Longhorn Network and piddly Big XII deals when all the money and all the deals is made in the SEC. No matter that it's going to kill schools and their fans to travel there. No matter that it might incinerate a rivalry with Texas. It's all about money, and that's how it's going to get made up.

The talk is that Virginia Tech could come in with Texas A&M. I would not be surprised if the SEC does what all good Southerners do - invite Virginia Tech and maybe a North Carolina school and effectively stab A&M in the back.

This is not going to end nicely.