Yellow Jackets Hit By NCAA Hurricane

2009 was a good year for Georgia Tech.

Well, until 2011, when we found out that they'd been stripped of that hard-earned ACC Title because of an alleged relationship between former wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and former QB Calvin Booker, who apparently worked for a sports agent- according to ESPN.

According to the 'Worldwide Leader In Sports', Thomas received over $300 in sports clothing.

From the report, what the NCAA really, really were annoyed about was Georgia Tech's lack of co-operation with their investigation, and Tech's decision to speak to a player about the upcoming investigation and worries about his eligibility.

And there were some basketball violations too.

And speaking of violations, Auburn's still being investigated by the NCAA and Oregon is making its best effort to go on the front foot about 'doing nothing wrong' about paying recruiting agents. After all, everyone does it, apparently.

How many more schools are going to end up in short yardage with the NCAA?