We. Are. Douches....According to GQ

We. Are. Douches.

And it’s true – according to GQ Magazine. According to the great magazine (which actually celebrates that type of behaviour in almost every issue), The Pennsylvania State University is the second douchiest school in the land.

Penn State came second behind Cornell, while Yale, Stanford, and Pepperdine (We’re still spitting bullets after driving there the last time we were in LA, and realising that they had ocean-side views and year-round sun to ‘compete with) rounded out the Top 5.

The last time the VFA visited Penn State, we saw a Wisconsin fan getting told that the 'W' on his shirt stood for the night activities of his mother, and a woman getting doused in beer. Seriously. We don't know Cornell kids to say something nasty about - but if you do, then please let us know.

But anyway, back to Penn State. According to GQ, Penn State’s on the list because of the fact that the students can’t wear anything more imaginative than Joe Paterno outfits during Hallow’een (factually incorrect), and can’t stop talking about getting wasted on a Saturday (factually correct). They also live and die college football (factually correct), which is why State College is home of the "All I've got is college football; seriously, don't laugh, all I've got is college football" douche.

It’s funny that Penn State should be this high, because we’ve been to State College a number of times and we’ve never seen people relentlessly talk about college football. If they do, it’s because yours truly has engaged them in conversation. Apologies for getting you on the list guys.

Anyway, the Top 10 – with reasons are (the VFA added a little):

1)    Cornell -Chip On Their Shoulder Because They Aren’t Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or MIT
2)    Penn State - Too. Much. Joe. Paterno.)
3)    Yale - Home Of The ‘Skull And Bones’ Fraternity. And CIA. And super-douchey ex-presidents
4)    Stanford - Home of 150,000 Facebook geeks (The VFA would also like to add: Also home of Andrew ‘Incredible Arm’ Luck)
5)    Pepperdine - Too. Much. Jesus
6)    BYU - Too. Much. Joseph (Smith).
7)    Bennington – Stupid Liberal Hippies
8)    Delaware - Member of the Large College with Mediocre Sports Program Conference
9)    MIT - “The Deepest Possible Relief For Being Out of High School”)
10) Florida - Home of the Cult That Is Tim Tebow