Thirty Pounds

When I said I was going to take a picture of myself for every 20lbs I lost, I didn't realize it would be almost three months from my 20lbs loss to my 30lbs loss. (I'm almost ashamed to type that.)  The last 10lbs have taken their sweet ass time getting off my body.  But here I am, at 30.4lbs lost. Finally.


When I look at the picture I took after losing 20lbs, I realize that the shirt and jeans I'm wearing in that picture no longer fit, and they haven't for a while.  In fact, even clothes that I've purchased since then no longer fit and have been relegated to the basement closet.

And although I've been frustrated with the slow loss of the last 10lbs, I've actually accomplished quite a bit in the time it took to burn that weight off.

I did the Grouse Grind - which was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  And I now rarely do runs that are less than 5km - in fact I recently did a 4.8km trail 3 times in one weekend - twice in one shot.  I've also returned to the work force full time and have been tweaking my new lifestyle quite a bit, trying to find the right groove for me and my family.  It's certainly not been easy - my entire life changed and I'm still not sure I've got it balanced the way I'd like.

I've been eating really well and my alcohol consumption has gone way down since the NHL playoffs ended (although since I've recently discovered my new favorite wine, I could see consumption rising again).

I feel that I am now ingrained with healthy eating and exercising.

Yet the really long time it took to lose the last ten have brought forth internal (and some external) struggle and questions on if I want to continue with Weight Watchers.

But if I had quit at any point along the way I wouldn't be where I am. Even if it did take a while. A really long while.

I'm certainly not done yet - even if I am concerned about how much time it's going to take to shed the remaining 18lbs that I'd like to lose. (13 if you ask my husband's opinion)

As encouragement to myself, I was going to repost my starting picture, my 20lb loss picture and my most recent 30lbs lost picture. However, in looking at the 30lbs loss picture that I took this weekend - to the naked eye it really doesn't look all that dramatically different from the 20lbs picture. (And that is not all that encouraging at all!)  Although I personally see and feel a difference, the 30lbs lost picture really isn't doing it for me.  So I'll stick with my original plan of posting pictures after every 20lbs. 

Only 9.6lbs to go to the next picture.  Hopefully it happens before September...