Tradition + Computer Games = No Fun

We get corporate advertising. To be honest, we would love a little more on this website (and if you want to throw in a date with some Oregon Cheerleaders, then please go ahead!).

But for Chrissake, when you are trying to talk about college football traditions, don't ruin in with a freaking computer game.

Tonight our gripe is with ESPN and Sportsnation, which normally provides hours of fun and consideration for us when we're really meant to be getting on with the day job of slaughtering Penn State's offensive line/quarterback/wide receivers/running backs/ coaching staff (just a joke guys - we love you really!).

This week ESPN Sportsnation launched a voting bracket in which the best college football traditions are pitted against with each other, with the might of the American sports fan voting on who's got the best College Football tradition.

It's got everything, from touching Howard's Rock at Clemson to 'Play Like A Champion Today' at Notre Dame, to the Dotting Of the I at The Horseshoe to planting spears in the middle of Doak Campbell Stadium in Talahassee.

You can watch each tradition online before voting. Sounds fun, doesn't it? For me, that would mean at least half an hour less work I'd do in the office checking out 'Tradition Vids' as part of the all-important research for our other column on Sky Sports, the UK's biggest sports website.

But then the fun stops.

Each one of them are really, really lame, because they aren't filmed by or off YouTube (you would have thought they would haven done a deal with them), but instead it's a promotion to kick off EA Football 12 game. We checked out the Howard's Rock one on ESPN, and it absolutely SUCKS, which has turned us off all the rest of the voting.

By the way, we at the VFA still think that the best tradition in the land's DEFINITELY the one about 3 hours before the game starts in the parking lots around football stadiums, drinking hefty amounts of beverages in an attempt to 'get rowdy' before the game. It gives stadiums - especially at night - an electric atmosphere, and if we're honest, turns a 100,000 get-together into a wild party (as well as providing some essential YouTube fodder for years to come).

We preferred this version of Howard's Rock....