Joe Paterno: NCAA Violator

I'm not just unhappy.

I'm enraged.

I love Joe Paterno. I have a T-Shirt that says "Roll Your Pants Up It's Joe Pa's House". I wear white for Penn State games - even though I'm watching from across the Atlantic. When I grow old, I want to make spaghetti like Sue and wear awesome glasses. I'd also like to get a massive pay salary and dedicate to building a library. And sometimes - when the money affords it - I will fly over The Atlantic to State College to watch Penn State play (sadly it won't be this year, thanks to ESPN's decision to show the Alabama visit at 3.30 in the afternoon, which frankly doesn't compare to a night game at Beaver Stadium. I also love the way he treats his players, and I'm proud to say that I shed a tear when he got to No.400 against Northwestern, in an amazing display. And  yes, I still hold a grudge against Michigan for the 2005 debacle - even if he doesn't.

But this latest news has gone beyond the pale.

What did Joe Paterno think he was doing, going over and watching some of his players work out a few days' ago? He didn't say a word, but he watched them.

That's the sort NCAA violation you should be looking at and outraged. He's a violator - just like the rest of 'em.

He admitted it, too. Disgusting behaviour. He should have been more like Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Or Bill Stewart at West Virginia, who had people follow his coach-in-waiting. Or Lane Kiffin, who found trouble at Tennessee routinely and vanished off to USC.

We don't want someone admitting it. We want someone to lie, cheat, and duck underneath reams of disinformation. This 'Old School College Football' stuff won't get our fans Championships, or Pride. It's just disgusting.

If I was the NCAA, I'd throw Joe Paterno out of college football. After all, he's a violator.

P.S. I'm joking.