Back at it

I've been back in the working world for two days now and you know... it's not been so bad.  I've been able to drink coffee while it's still hot and pee with the door closed.  And it's quiet there.  People just leave me alone to do my work.

I've eaten my lunch two days in a row and nobody stole bites of my food only to chew it up and spit it back on my plate. 

My boss doesn't throw hardcover books at my head.

I don't have to sing to anyone when they are pooing.  In fact, I don't even have to be in the same room when someone is pooing.  Actually, it's preferred that way!

I do my hair and makeup and get to wear nice clothes.  Nobody wipes snot on my pant legs!!!

My kids are doing well in daycare. I really did pick the right one.  They do still cry every morning when they are dropped off but I have ever so cleverly managed to connive Steve into doing the drop off.   Let him carry around their sad faces in his head all day.  Then of course when I pick them up at the end of the day they're very happy and excited to see me! Bonus!

Yes, the first two days have been not nearly as bad or as traumatic as I had anticipated.  I am, however, very aware that I'm in the honeymoon phase and I'm sure I will one day (soon) look back on this post and want to punch myself in the eyes.