RIP, Austin Box

It's weird. I heard about Austin Box's death while reading my Twitter account, and I then read another a tweet slaughtering a Bleacher Report writer for writing an insensitive article about what the loss will mean for the team going into 2011. And you're right, it was a shockingly insensitive piece.

But I'm sure of three things. One, that the writer of the piece (which has now been taken down) is probably not to happy with his or herself, and is wondering if another piece of journalism will ever get read. Don't worry [insert writer's name out there], we all make mistakes. Stupid, stupid mistakes. It's call life. Secondly, I'm sure that the editor who LET the piece go out is feeling equally stupid. Thirdly, I'm sure that in the general scheme of things that a 22-year Tennessean is dead, all of this bickering about inappropriate journalism really doesn't matter.

The only thing is this: The death of Austin Box is really, really sad.

And I completely agree with Ivan Maisel's comment - also on Twitter: "Death of Oklahoma LB Austin Box convinces me the season needs to start just so this offseason filled with bad news will end."

I couldn't agree more. I'm fed up with hearing about deaths, arrests, and crooked goings on. I just want to see some football. I want to lose my voice screaming at an inept Penn State throw or yelling at nobody at 2am UK time at a freakishly good catch: "Are you KIDDING me?"

In fact, I'll go with something written by OU blog "Blatant Homerism": Rest in Peace.