My Gain

I gained a little weight over the long weekend.  And by a little weight I do mean a little.  Half a pound to be exact.

I know, hardly worth batting a false eyelash over.

Actually I figured it would likely be more than that.  Surely you can not get away with eating a plate of Chinese food in a hotel bed while watching Saturday Night Live after drinking a few more beers than usual without paying a price.  Considering I had a danish with my coffee each morning and pasta salad tossed in oil (*gasp*) for lunch?  I'm feeling like I got off lucky with the half pound gain.

Normally after such a weekend I would steer clear of the scale for a good week.  Usually I have something else very important to do on weigh-in night after such a weekend. Something like burying my head in the sand, or making a list of excuses for why I "deserved" to blow off the diet.  But for whatever reason I faced the music and headed on down to the WW meeting to be accountable. (Ok, I desperately needed to get away from the kids for 20 minutes).

Then I came home and ate this for dinner:

I'm totally back on track.  Actually I was back on track the day after I got home. The fact of the matter is that long weekends, special occasions, off days, etc. are all a reality of life. They happen and they should be enjoyed. Sure I could have stayed on plan for the long weekend, bringing my kitchen scales with me and getting up every morning to go for a jog and writing down everything I ate... but I simply didn't want to.  I wanted a fun, worry-less, enjoyable, indulgent weekend.  And I got it.  And I DID enjoy it.

I've kicked ass so far.  And I have no intention of giving it up. I work so hard at it every day.  If I never took any sort of a break from it, I likely would have worn out my enthusiasm and determination to continue long ago.

I do enjoy eating healthy. I do love jogging (no, really, I do) and walking. I love eating vegetables. I love sweating my ass off.  It all makes me feel very good about myself in so many ways.  However, I do also enjoy drinking too many cold beer in the sunshine and filling up on a greasy hotdog and a bag of chips once in a while.  All in moderation. Too much or too little of either just wouldn't work.  Both sides of it, balanced out with just the right ratio are what real life, and (successful weight loss) is all about. 

So what I really gained was great memories, a fun weekend, enjoyment and a readiness to keep on going when it was all over.