Who's Going To Be Quarterback?

Penn State fans go into the Blue/White Game with almost exactly the same problem as they did in 2010: They don't know which starting quarterback they are going to yell at this year.

Although the good quarterbacks at Penn State have outweighed the good in the past few years (Michael Robinson and Darryl Clark get the thumbs up, Antony Morelli gets the thumbs down), 2010's Rob Bolden/ Matt McGloin combination wasn't fun and neared on disaster on many an occasion, culminating in humiliating-style losses to Florida and Ohio State. Both of those teams don't look bad teams to lose to on paper, but McGloin was awful against the Gators and fell apart in the second half in the Horseshoe, too.

Now, we've got a choice: Rob Bolden (who wanted to leave but got stopped doing so), Paul Jones (who's got a cannon and there's a camp who'd LOVE to see him start), and McGloin (who apparently's got some 'moxie', but also loves throwing it to opposition secondaries at inopportune moments). Frankly, I'd love to see them all do well on Saturday, but in reality, McGloin's in prime spot.

But there are other worries. The defensive line (Massaro, Crawford both out) is shot to pieces by injury, and the Nittany Lions don't have a tight end to speak of, either. And let's not also forget injuries to speedster Curtis Drake, who everyone thought/ hoped/ prayed would be big-time this year.

Oh, and there's the young offensive line who actually might change the life of a college in the last couple of seasons by actually being able to stop a pass rush (or is that a little tough?).

And we'd love a kicker.

Listen, there are things I'm excited about. I'm excited about seeing Derrick Moye on the field again. He's going to be awesome. I'm excited about Silas Redd - who could well trash Evan Royster's running yards record by the time he's finished in State College (although something tells me he'd rather pee in public in the NFL!). I'm excited with seeing the defensive line - because just when you think it's going to be crappy, Tom Bradley always pulls out a great one. And I'm actually excited about the QB, too. Let's hope that this Jones kid gets the chance. I'd love to see the banner: "Paul Jones Cult" on the front of the student section, with a bunch of kids drinking Kool-Aid. If he's as good as people say he is, then we should all be pretty excited.