Twenty Pounds

I was brave enough to take a "before" picture of myself when I started Weight Watchers in January. 

It wasn't pretty and I knew that. But I also knew that I was determined and was about to kick some weight loss ass and it would/could only get better from there.

I'm glad I took it now.  I have decided to take a picture every time I lose 20lbs - which I have now done.  Its nice to see how far I've come.  I don't think I really realized what I looked like 20lbs ago.  I suppose after my next 20lbs I'll look back at today's picture and think the same thing.  But for now, I appreciate and enjoy the change in myself and am thankful for all the hard work I have done to get this far.

It is the best gift I could give myself. 

Twenty pounds off my body makes a big difference. In so many different ways - not just my appearance. My physical abilities and endurance have greatly increased. My mental health has been positively affected.  My confidence has risen. I have dropped two clothing sizes. I am more comfortable in my own skin.

I'm suddenly feeling a bit self conscious about posting these pictures now...

Bah! Here goes nothing... 

Here's the difference 20lbs makes on a 5"2 frame.

January 2011
April 2011

Here's to the next 20!