peter pan

the call from the ballet studio came two days ago, wednesday. "we need a publicity shot for the bankhead. by saturday. can you do it?" i wasn't sure, in all honesty. how would i have time with a schedule already bursting? after the panic, i slept on it and composed a magical image in my mind, consisting of peter and tink flitting through their woodland setting and wendy happening upon them by surprise. i knew to get the image desired i'd need 3 seperate exposures - one of each dancer. the camera and lens must remain basically in place, unchanged throughout the session, to avoid wonky distortions and angles. afterward the images would be layered one on top of the other into a master file. 
we shot this evening, friday. matthew assisted. after taking peter home, i've immersed myself in this project without interruption.
here are the shots, one of each character. the final image follows, composited into a publicity piece i hope she will be delighted with.
And the final composite: (click the image to see it larger)