graduation insert samples

debbie, as promised, here are a few quick mock ups of potential inserts for kristin's graduation announcements. these are "roughs", screen captures from the software application to give you an overview of two press printed options:
a - "folded business card" format printed on both sides, folded in the middle, with or without added text on the same cardstock as my business card
$50 for 100
(highest wow-factor if you ask me)

<---side 1 sample

<---side 2 sample

b - "rep card" flat format also printed on both sides (similar to a business or calling card, same cardstock)
$60 for 100

<-----side 1 sample

<-----side 2 sample

another option would be wallet prints on traditional photographic paper, about $1 per piece.

after uploading, any of these options should arrive within 2 business days.

- kerri