Blue, White, And Raining: A quick report card

So who can you give plaudits to for a scrimmage game that was shortened because of a downpour?

Well, the VFA thinks that it's important for us to give a report card, so we're going with:


The fans

Anyone who showed up at Beaver Stadium in a monstrous downpour amid flash food warnings, cats and dogs flying out of the sky, and the fact that it was a freaking scrimmage gets out reward. We also applaud the dressing gear from this fan - who obviously was the person that Ohio State pawn shop sold all those golden pants to. She even put them together to make something useful - which will be more than Terrelle Pryor will be for the first five games of the year (was that cruel?)!

Did anyone show up with a canoe on top of his car so he could get to the toilet among the flooded fields? If so, you get the VFA Award for the most dedicated fan. We promise you - the award's in the post.


The Nittany Lion

We can't wait for the backflips. We also love your yellow friend. You could have done something funny with a sleeveless jumper, glasses and maybe some golden pants, but I'm glad you stayed classy, Nittany Lion.

Otherwise, we don't know what to say.

From gathered report, Blue beat White 10-0 and Matt McGloin managed a drive without throwing the ball for an interception, which is one better than Rob Bolden, who did just that. He ended up going 5 for 10 for 109 yards. Kevin Newsome managed 3 out of 7 for 22.

As for the quarterback situation, Joe Paterno basically said in a press conference that the battle for QB is between McGloin and Bolden - which is sad, bearing in mind that a lot of Nittany Nation's completely and utterly in love with Paul Jones. Oh, and we don't even know if Bolden's gone to be there in the fall. Oh joy....