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In a rude world, seeking random acts of kindness

If I could avoid shopping with my 10 month old baby and 2 year old toddler, I would (and usually do).  However, my cupboards were bare and we need to eat.  I chose the quietest time of the day and week to do the grocery shopping. I planned for it all morning - orchestrating naps, diaper changes, meals, clothing and snacks in order to make it go as smoothly as possible.  I wrote out a list of things I needed and I hauled ass through the store to get the outing over with as quickly as possible. 

I will say that both my kids behaved outstanding. Other than a few arguments over who got to hold the box of MumMums and one hair pulling incident - they were good as gold. 

Upon reaching the checkout, I chose the till with the shortest line.  That happened to be till number 12.  Please note, ignorant, asshole shoppers - that is TILL 12, not the 12 items or less till.  (FYI: those are tills 13 and 14).  So the stupid bitch behind me with 7 items who kept giving me snotty looks can go suck rocks. 

Also - to the self absorbed ignorant cow in front of me who used the entire conveyor belt to hold her twelve items who stood with her arms crossed and watched me try to keep the kids happy and entertained - don't look so shocked that I gave you a firm little shove out of the way with my shoulder as I reached across your groceries to grab the order-separating stick and rammed your groceries down the conveyor belt so I could unload my cart.  Sorry to jolt you out of your people watching/judging mode.

I also did my best to self-bag my groceries, while the kids asked me a million questions and tried to grab items from my cart, as fast as I could while the clerk processed other orders after me.  I had $200 worth of groceries to bag. I did my best while people glared and gave me snotty looks.  In my haste my bag of oatmeal broke open - spilling throughout my bags, the bread got squished, the potato chips got crushed and I broke a nail.

I even stopped packing to move my cart so the bitch behind me could get by. Instead of slipping by quickly she stopped and fiddled in her purse while I waited to resume my grocery packing.  She then walked past without so much as a glance at me. Fuck off.

Not a kind word nor a smile was offered to me the entire time I was there.

Let me say that it isn't easy being a good mom.  It's especially disheartening and difficult when people would rather stare and judge and be completely non-helpful with zero attempt to be the least bit friendly - because they're too self absorbed to think about offering any sort of kindness.  It's a lonely and thankless job and sometimes just a small tiny kind gesture can make a world of difference in someone's day. 

Because of this, I am going to make an effort to do a random act of kindness to someone - preferably a mom, because I know how hard it is and how much a little bit of kindness is so greatly appreciated.

I'm open to suggestions. 

What random act of kindness could I do for another mother? 

Has anyone done a R.A.K for you or have you done something nice for someone else? What was it??

jazz posters, stage 1

for liz. let me know which one. 
i still need:
-show name
-dates and times
i will add theater and ticket information, etc., keeping the lettering to a minimum. keep in mind the color in reality is more rich and vibrant than is showing on blogger.
 ... kerri

Engagement Anniversary

8 years ago today, unbeknownst to me, Steve phoned my father and asked for his permission to request my hand in marriage.  Later that morning he took me for a walk along a beautiful wharf on a river bank, and while harbour seals played happily in the water, and the sun glinted off the waves, he slipped a ring on my finger and asked me to be his wife.  He then pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket and read a poem that he, himself had written just for me. He then took me to our favorite restaurant for our first lunch as an engaged couple.

As I sit here today, reflecting back over the past 8 years I have come to realize that the magical day of our engagement so many years ago, used up every, single, romantic molecule that Steve had in his body - tapping him dry for the rest of our life together.

graduation insert samples

debbie, as promised, here are a few quick mock ups of potential inserts for kristin's graduation announcements. these are "roughs", screen captures from the software application to give you an overview of two press printed options:
a - "folded business card" format printed on both sides, folded in the middle, with or without added text on the same cardstock as my business card
$50 for 100
(highest wow-factor if you ask me)

<---side 1 sample

<---side 2 sample

b - "rep card" flat format also printed on both sides (similar to a business or calling card, same cardstock)
$60 for 100

<-----side 1 sample

<-----side 2 sample

another option would be wallet prints on traditional photographic paper, about $1 per piece.

after uploading, any of these options should arrive within 2 business days.

- kerri

kristin. part 1.

for you krissy, debbie, and charlie. and lexie and crush too.
one part classic, one part ethereal and the unexpected, combined carefully with youthful senior optimism.  
full gallery available at my website: www.zenfolio.com/fuloflyfe

:) kerri
chair loaned by gina of tangerine: http://www.elevenmorningstangerine.com/

Twenty Pounds

I was brave enough to take a "before" picture of myself when I started Weight Watchers in January. 

It wasn't pretty and I knew that. But I also knew that I was determined and was about to kick some weight loss ass and it would/could only get better from there.

I'm glad I took it now.  I have decided to take a picture every time I lose 20lbs - which I have now done.  Its nice to see how far I've come.  I don't think I really realized what I looked like 20lbs ago.  I suppose after my next 20lbs I'll look back at today's picture and think the same thing.  But for now, I appreciate and enjoy the change in myself and am thankful for all the hard work I have done to get this far.

It is the best gift I could give myself. 

Twenty pounds off my body makes a big difference. In so many different ways - not just my appearance. My physical abilities and endurance have greatly increased. My mental health has been positively affected.  My confidence has risen. I have dropped two clothing sizes. I am more comfortable in my own skin.

I'm suddenly feeling a bit self conscious about posting these pictures now...

Bah! Here goes nothing... 

Here's the difference 20lbs makes on a 5"2 frame.

January 2011
April 2011

Here's to the next 20!


"stanford splash" they call it. i will call it fantastic. the kids took courses in the quad area classrooms for a full weekend in april: tou-hou (like manga), japanese, korean, juggling, never give up, globetrotting/studying abroad, improv, and others that escape my memory. lunch delivered. glorious weather. fun student teachers and a gorgeous campus.while they test drove college, i spent time alone and with my good friend lauri, poking around the campus grounds, wandering around paths and plantings, for the most part, following our curious noses. downtown palo alto charmed me to no end. storybook houses, lovely gardens, even dogwoods in full bloom (no camera at the time, unfortunately.) here are a few lasting impressions from the enchanting campus known as stanford.

i remembered. balloon animals. :)

peter pan, the poster

miss teapot book cover samples

miss teapot, let me know if we are going in the right direction. <3, kerri
cover front option 1 or 2:


She said, he heard

Me: For my birthday this year I thought maybe the kids could stay at my mom and dad's and you and I would get a nice hotel in the city and do a little shopping during the day and then a nice dinner and maybe catch a show?  Then in the morning I'd like to go for a fancy coffee at a little cafe and then head home.  How does that sound?

Him:  Sure.

Then... two days later...

Him: So on your birthday you wanted to take the skytrain into Vancouver and go pub hopping and then come home, right?

...In his own mind, that is EXACTLY what he heard - because that is what he wanted to hear.


I'm allergic to something.  No idea what.  It seems to be lack of sleep. Is that possible?

Often after a few days of shitty or little sleep, I will experience some sort of allergy attack.  My nose gets ITCHY!! Insane itchy. And I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze!  And I can't breathe.  And my eyes want to close.  My lips get dry. My head hurts.  I get cold. Then I get hot.  And of course I'm exhausted because I've had a few days of shitty or little sleep and there is no option to slip in a nap.

Yesterday I OD'd on Benadryl.  I normally only take it at night but yesterday my face felt like there was an active bee hive under my skin and my watery eyes would not open. I was desperate for relief so I took 2 Benedryl tablets.

Oh wow was I ever fucked up.  I haven't been that stoned, ever! 

Ok, well maybe that's not entirely true.

But I haven't been that stoned ever, on legal narcotics.

Ok, that might not be true either.

But it's been a REALLY long time since I've been that high - on anything, legal or otherwise. It was wild.

I sat slumped in my chair with drool running out of the corner of my mouth and snot trickling down my face while my children screamed and whined and climbed all over me and threw books at my head and my husband looked at me, disgusted, like I had just shot up heroin in front of my kids and had Ruby load the syringe while Lincoln tied off my arm.  (Empathy and sympathy are not his strong suits.)

Today he told me I can't do Benadryl during the day, in front of the kids anymore.

He also seems annoyed that I'm still sick.  He asked me 3 times before noon if I had tried blowing my nose?  What?  Blow my nose?  Why, the thought had never occurred to me.

By the way, could you take out the garbage which is overflowing with USED KLEENEX tissues?


I have always taken great pride in the appearance of my children when I take them out of the house.  I prefer to have them dressed in decent, clean, matching clothes, hair combed, faces washed. It sometimes takes a little extra effort and time to get out of the house but it makes me feel proud of them when we're out.

Today though, I needed to walk them to the store and by god I couldn't give a fuck what they looked like.  Lincoln had no shoes on and had a huge, dark purple patch on his head where Ruby decided to color him with markers. Crusty, snotty nose. Runny eyes.

And Ruby... well... The hair was half in a pony tail. Same crusty snotty nose as her bro. She drew all over her arms so she could have tattoos like mom.  Cute, huh? Then she wiped her snotty nose with her inked arm and smeared the blue ink from her nose across her cheek. It crusted and dried there, like thick blue snot.  Her shirt was too big, her pants too small. Gumboots on the wrong feet.

Ohhhh! What adorable children you have.

I can't taste food - which might make normal people stop eating.  But I can't stop feeding myself.  Everything tastes the same so it would be a great time to consume extra veggies, right?  No, I prefer chocolate and danishes.  With coffee that burns my stomach and might as well be boiled, black, mud water. 

The children are running free range and wild through the house. It takes one little squeak or whine and I will give them whatever they want. Cookies, pizza, chips, more cookies... I have allowed them to eat rice on the carpet and to draw on the kitchen floor (and each other, as previously mentioned).  If nobody gets seriously injured today I will consider it a success. 

I have considered ramming a wire brush down my throat to stop the itching.

If it is lack of sleep that causes this "condition" (and if it's not lack of sleep it's a very odd and strange coincidence), it's hard to recover from it since it's pretty impossible to sleep with snot running out of your nose while you sneeze 17 times in a row, your lips are cracked and dry, and you have to wake up every 20 minutes to sip water for your parched and dry mouth because you are stuffed up and mouth breathing.   nose. 

It's a long, slow recovery process. 

Declan Sullivan Death: Apparently No-One and Everyone's Responsible

In the last few months we've been a little loud about the fact that the fanily of the dead Notre Dame student, Declan Sullivan, who perished while filming the Irish on a platform in 50mph winds, should be heftily paid out by the University over the loss of their son.

And while the State of Indiana- through the ISOHA decided to fine Notre Dame over $70,000 - the maximum an institution can be fined over what amounts to bad practice over health and saftety risks - the University of Notre Dame have brought out an internal report, which blames nobody and yet everybody.

"After a thorough and painstaking study in which numerous university personnel were interviewed and external experts consulted, we have reached the conclusion that no one acted in disregard for safety," school president Rev. John Jenkins said in a letter.

He continued: "Each individual involved based his decisions and actions that day on the best information available at the time and in accord with the procedures that were in place. The procedures regarding wind safety obviously did not prevent this accident and must be brought up to the more rigorous standards that we have for other weather conditions-such as cold, heat, humidity, and lightning. Many individuals and departments share the collective responsibility for the inadequacy of the procedures that led to this tragedy. The university, then, is collectively responsible. Insofar as the President is responsible for the university as a whole, I am the individual who bears the most responsibility, and I accept that responsibility."

The report added: "The Investigation identified several factors that caused or contributed to the accident, including: (1) the presence of unusual wind conditions; (2) staff members’ lack of knowledge regarding current and projected weather conditions; (3) characteristics of the lift involved in the accident; and (4) the height of the lift involved in the accident. Each played a role, standing not as a sole cause but rather collectively causing the accident."

I get the fact that Rev. Jenkins is apologetic, and wouldn't want this to happen to anyone. But the fact is this: some-one screwed up. On Sullivan's Twitter feed he said that he didn't want to go out and film in high winds -so he knew it was going to be pretty risky.

But if there's a finger to be pointed - it's got to be at the staff: "Had the staff accessed real-time weather information during practice, they would have learned that wind gusts exceeded the internal 35 mph wind limit and would have grounded the lifts. Moreover, although Declan was aware of a wind warning that day that was later downgraded prior to practice, the staff—despite frequent weather checking—did not access that information when they checked the weather that afternoon. Had staff members been aware of the wind warning and later advisory, they might have acted differently."

So wait a minute.....there were people at fault.....the practice staff. Why hasn't one of them been fired or lost their job over this? And why hasn't someone offered their resignation?

If I was the University of Notre Dame (and I'm sure their lawyers have made sure the school talks about "colective responsibility" so that a single person isn't sued or jailed (or both)), I would - as a decent thing - offer to refund Sullivan's education and board for the $55,000 grand-a-year education and board he and his family have had to pay out. Plus the last year as a gesture would be nice, too. And they can match the money the State of Indiana has fined them too. Sure, $290,000 won't bring back the kid, but it would be a decent thing to do.

Remember Jenkins, your university's all about playing like a champion.

Blue, White, And Raining: A quick report card

So who can you give plaudits to for a scrimmage game that was shortened because of a downpour?

Well, the VFA thinks that it's important for us to give a report card, so we're going with:


The fans

Anyone who showed up at Beaver Stadium in a monstrous downpour amid flash food warnings, cats and dogs flying out of the sky, and the fact that it was a freaking scrimmage gets out reward. We also applaud the dressing gear from this fan - who obviously was the person that Ohio State pawn shop sold all those golden pants to. She even put them together to make something useful - which will be more than Terrelle Pryor will be for the first five games of the year (was that cruel?)!

Did anyone show up with a canoe on top of his car so he could get to the toilet among the flooded fields? If so, you get the VFA Award for the most dedicated fan. We promise you - the award's in the post.


The Nittany Lion

We can't wait for the backflips. We also love your yellow friend. You could have done something funny with a sleeveless jumper, glasses and maybe some golden pants, but I'm glad you stayed classy, Nittany Lion.

Otherwise, we don't know what to say.

From gathered report, Blue beat White 10-0 and Matt McGloin managed a drive without throwing the ball for an interception, which is one better than Rob Bolden, who did just that. He ended up going 5 for 10 for 109 yards. Kevin Newsome managed 3 out of 7 for 22.

As for the quarterback situation, Joe Paterno basically said in a press conference that the battle for QB is between McGloin and Bolden - which is sad, bearing in mind that a lot of Nittany Nation's completely and utterly in love with Paul Jones. Oh, and we don't even know if Bolden's gone to be there in the fall. Oh joy....

peter pan

the call from the ballet studio came two days ago, wednesday. "we need a publicity shot for the bankhead. by saturday. can you do it?" i wasn't sure, in all honesty. how would i have time with a schedule already bursting? after the panic, i slept on it and composed a magical image in my mind, consisting of peter and tink flitting through their woodland setting and wendy happening upon them by surprise. i knew to get the image desired i'd need 3 seperate exposures - one of each dancer. the camera and lens must remain basically in place, unchanged throughout the session, to avoid wonky distortions and angles. afterward the images would be layered one on top of the other into a master file. 
we shot this evening, friday. matthew assisted. after taking peter home, i've immersed myself in this project without interruption.
here are the shots, one of each character. the final image follows, composited into a publicity piece i hope she will be delighted with.
And the final composite: (click the image to see it larger)


The worst time in my day is between 3pm and 5:30pm (when Steve FINALLY gets home and I am no longer outnumbered by two relentless tyrants). 

It's when the kids are getting tired. They are whiny. They cry. They demand. They yell. They whine. They throw shit. They don't listen. They can't behave. They whine.


Their behavior coincides with the time of day when my patience is worn down to almost nothing. I'm tired. I'm frazzled. I'm frustrated. I'm worn the fuck out physically and mentally.  I am hanging by a psychological thread, twisting in the wind, ready to snap at the drop of a hat - or sippy cup full of milk as it may be.  It's the time of day when I would do just about anything for a tiny bit of peace and quiet. 

The clock ticks so slowly. The chaos is intense.

Yesterday I was so worn down that I foolishly dared to sit on the couch for a few moments and tried to hear what Stevie Nicks was saying to Oprah. I just really wanted to tune out my living room and tune in to something adult in which I happened to be interested. 

It was foolish of me to even try. In retrospect I should have set the PVR to record it and watch it at a more relaxed, less hectic time.

Instead, Lincoln kept fussing. Whining.  Crying. I tried to feed him and he wouldn't eat. I tried to hold him and he pushed away.  The only thing I could do was to put him in the jumperoo - which is noisy and obnoxious and makes it hard to concentrate on anything. He still fussed and cried loudly (on top of the sounds of the jumperoo) but at least he was contained.

Ruby had already taken my Blackberry and when I tried to get it from her she smashed it on the hardwood floor.  She did the same with my camera and the house phone.  When everything of value was secured out of her reach, she got bored and decided she was hungry - even though she wasn't.

"I'm hungry"  ...No you're not.

"I'm hungry"  ...What would you like?
"I'm HUNGRY"   ...Shhhhh...


"Mommy, I'M HUNGRY" ...Ruby, could you go play with your farmhouse!!!?


At that I got over-the-top irritated, stood up and took her by the hand to the pantry.  With an angry, raised voice I said, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!  WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN, RUBY?  WHAT?! SHOW ME! TELL ME! WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU WANT?!!??"

Her solemn little face look up at me and she said one word, quietly.


I stopped in my tracks. "What did you say?"

"Mama, laugh."

My face fell. I said, "You want me to laugh?"


I scooped her up in my arms and hugged her and cried a little bit. I felt ashamed for allowing myself get so frustrated. 

I have less than two months to go before my maternity leave is up, I return to work and someone else will be spending all this time with my kids and I know it will break my heart and I will miss them tremendously.

I need to make the best of whatever time I have with them right now.  Enjoy every minute as much as I can.  Maybe we need to have a dance party during that time.  Maybe we need to go for a walk (weather pending). Maybe we need to read books.  Anything to pass the time more enjoyably. Do things to make us whine and cry less.  Smile more.

And... as Ruby requests, laugh.

Who's Going To Be Quarterback?

Penn State fans go into the Blue/White Game with almost exactly the same problem as they did in 2010: They don't know which starting quarterback they are going to yell at this year.

Although the good quarterbacks at Penn State have outweighed the good in the past few years (Michael Robinson and Darryl Clark get the thumbs up, Antony Morelli gets the thumbs down), 2010's Rob Bolden/ Matt McGloin combination wasn't fun and neared on disaster on many an occasion, culminating in humiliating-style losses to Florida and Ohio State. Both of those teams don't look bad teams to lose to on paper, but McGloin was awful against the Gators and fell apart in the second half in the Horseshoe, too.

Now, we've got a choice: Rob Bolden (who wanted to leave but got stopped doing so), Paul Jones (who's got a cannon and there's a camp who'd LOVE to see him start), and McGloin (who apparently's got some 'moxie', but also loves throwing it to opposition secondaries at inopportune moments). Frankly, I'd love to see them all do well on Saturday, but in reality, McGloin's in prime spot.

But there are other worries. The defensive line (Massaro, Crawford both out) is shot to pieces by injury, and the Nittany Lions don't have a tight end to speak of, either. And let's not also forget injuries to speedster Curtis Drake, who everyone thought/ hoped/ prayed would be big-time this year.

Oh, and there's the young offensive line who actually might change the life of a college in the last couple of seasons by actually being able to stop a pass rush (or is that a little tough?).

And we'd love a kicker.

Listen, there are things I'm excited about. I'm excited about seeing Derrick Moye on the field again. He's going to be awesome. I'm excited about Silas Redd - who could well trash Evan Royster's running yards record by the time he's finished in State College (although something tells me he'd rather pee in public in the NFL!). I'm excited with seeing the defensive line - because just when you think it's going to be crappy, Tom Bradley always pulls out a great one. And I'm actually excited about the QB, too. Let's hope that this Jones kid gets the chance. I'd love to see the banner: "Paul Jones Cult" on the front of the student section, with a bunch of kids drinking Kool-Aid. If he's as good as people say he is, then we should all be pretty excited.

compositing reality

is it a trick? a slight of hand? has he multiplied? no, it's just photoshop. :)playing with composites while my mind spins circles around ideas to fine tune.

also, a composite of dear daughter, who is "test driving" a new hairdo. will she go for the cut? will consult with our stylist friday. can't wait to see what she decides. (no bangs across the eyes or color shifts though.)

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

When I first moved to the Lower Mainland, I used to get asked by people from  my hometown in Northern BC, "How can you stand all that rain??" Cheekily, I used to respond, "I don't mind it at all! I don't have to shovel rain or scrape it off my windshield." - referring, of course, to the cold, snowy and seemingly forever lasting winters of Northern British Columbia.  Once I remember bragging to my Aunt who lives in Ontario that I had just been out jogging in my t-shirt, in February. 

I may have also be quoted as obnoxiously saying, "I don't mind the rain! I'm not made of sugar, I won't melt!"

It was the truth though, I didn't mind the rain.  After growing up in a place where winter lasted from October to April (and sometimes longer), I was more than content to put up with the rain and maybe one or two snowfalls per year.

To the whiners? Bah, grab an umbrella, a little rain never hurt anyone.

But... In my 9th or so year of living here. I think... I think... I might be getting sick of the God forsaken, heart submerging, soul drowning, life ruining, depression inducing, motherfucking rain. 

For the love of God, make it stop!!!! MERCY, I cry!!! MERCY!!!!

I have been feeling trapped in my house and depressed and sad and mad and frustrated a lot lately.  Yeah, I had the big attitude turnaround last Monday but I fought the blues for the rest of the week.  The asshole weather man reported that the whole week was going to be filled with heavy rain - crushing any hope I may have had for actually leaving my house or even opening my blinds.

I mean, is there anything more disheartening than hearing on Monday that there is NO CHANCE of sunshine for yet another week? 

Put away the sharp knifes and hide mom's bottle of sleeping pills! I am getting depressed! 

And then when the sun DOES make an appearance (however brief), what happens to me?  I am so stricken with panic, feeling immense pressure to make the absolute best of this gift of light and enjoy the day to the fullest - that I end up running around my house in circles, getting nowhere until I am hugging my knees, rocking back and forth on the couch with a big fat anxiety attack. 

You think I'm joking. I'm not.

The pressure was so great when the sun came out - unexpectedly - for a WHOLE DAY last week that I was so excited I made myself sick trying to figure out how to take maximum advantage of it.

I ended up sitting myself down and making a list, with shaking hand, of all the things that I wanted to do while the sun was shining - so that I could make a logical decision without random fleeting thoughts rushing my brain. 

It was quite the experience. 

I don't know if it's because my outings are somewhat limited by two young children and a stroller, if it's because I've been on maternity leave for two of the last two and a half years - spending more time inside my house than I ever have in my life - or if there is actually a lot more darkness and rain this year than the Lower Mainland (and myself) is used to but I really am ready for some sunshine. 

REALLY ready....

Sweet Slag: guerilla jazz rock

I've never seen anything on the web about this bizarre band, so thought I'd post what little I've gleaned about them here. Consisting of of Mick Kerensky (aka Mick Wright, guitar, violin), Paul Jolly (sax), Jack O'Neill (bass) and the late Al Chambers (drums), they formed in Luton in 1969. Their disquieting music set despondent lyrics ("every day is a drag" claims the frantic opener to their sole LP) to heavy, jazzy rock that Kerensky describes on the back cover as 'stock rock', owing to his admiration for Stockhausen. Their weird name, incidentally, was drawn from a term for a carbonate of magnesia that occurs in China. They were decent players, but their music contains lots of dissonance and bum notes, as well as aggressively tuneless singing. They clearly didn't much care about record sales, which is just as well.

The first reference I've found to them comes in the August 1969 issue of ZigZag (number four), which announces that the quartet are on the bill for a 'bread-raising dance' on the magazine's behalf:

A whole year passes before the next press reference that I've encountered - Tracking With Close-Ups was trailed for release on the ever-unpredictable President label in September 1970 (see small ad at the top of this post), but eventually appeared in January 1971, in an ugly sleeve that showed garbage piled high in a tenement's back alley. Here's the press release that accompanied it (which contains the surprising revelation that Kerensky had been a member of Joe Cocker's Grease Band):

Both the small ad and the press release mention a projected single, but that never happened. In my research for Galactic Ramble, I encountered only two reviews of Tracking With Close-Ups. On February 13th Melody Maker described it as ‘Harshly contemporary, jagged, raw and essentially joyless. The playing is solid and straight-ahead, there’s a lot of convoluted improvisation, and they’re obviously a worthy band who deserve to be taken seriously.’ A week later, Disc & Music Echo wrote that ‘This album is notable for an awe-inspiring sleevenote, but the music doesn’t stand the build-up – lyrics lost in the noise, and a general confusion of sound that means you have to take the group’s talent on trust. They’re heavy, of course.’

Sales were minuscule, but they kept gigging. Here are some dates they played:

This small ad appeared in Melody Maker of December 19th 1970:

and soon afterwards Music Now ran this review of a bizarre-sounding charity show they played with fellow underground rockers Ghost, supporting hitmakers The Equals:

Music Now, January 30th 1971
By October they'd become a quintet (with the replacement of O'Neill with John Catlin, and the arrival of Keith Arnold on second guitar), and - perhaps deciding Sweet Slag was too commercial a name - had become plain Slag:

Sadly, global superstardom continued to elude them, and they apparently split soon afterwards.I don't exactly like their album, but it's pretty weird and challenging. As the great Aaron Milenski puts it in Galactic Ramble: 'It's unlike anything else you have ever heard, and recommended to everyone out there who thinks the world is nothing but a piece of shit.'