Naked blogging

I'm afraid to write like I used to.  I never thought I would be blog shy but every time I go to write a post lately I think of all the different people whom I know that read my blog and if this one would be offended, or that one would "tsk tsk" at me, or if another would roll their eyes at me and think I'm an over-dramatic wackjob. 

I've always liked to write when I'm stressed or upset about things or sad or mad or frustrated or whatever. I can usually put some sort of humorous spin on it and have always been able to laugh at myself.  Unfortunately the other people in my life don't always appreciate my laughing at myself - because it sometimes means that I'm also laughing at them.  Or with them.  Whatever. Laughing.  Laughing feels good. But then it doesn't when you get in trouble for it.

And so with having to consider everyone's feelings and thoughts and judgements, it's gotten harder and harder to write freely (or nakedly as it's called in the blog world), and honestly... it's not quite as therapeutic or as fun as it used to be.

Sure I could write a bunch of fluff about my children and the weather and laundry but that would suck the life out of me as a blogger.  I need to keep my edge. I need to write as me.  I need to write freely. 

I need to find a way to do that.

I don't really have an answer right now but I sure am thinking a lot about it lately.  Changes need to be made.