Morning Coffee

Am I ever looking forward to experiencing the joys that are sure to be bestowed upon me this morning after Ruby snatched my half drank cup of coffee from the table and chugged it, looking at me with her big doe eyes over the rim of the mug, wild with defiance as I ran across the room yelling "No! No! NOOOOO!".

Because 2 year olds aren't obnoxious enough!?  Now she's going to be all jacked up on caffeine!  And that coffee is all I have to somewhat even the playing field so that I have a raindrop's hope in Hell of surviving the day and keeping up with her and her 9 month old brother.  Now the scales have been tipped dangerously in her favor.

Well, trying to look on the bright side of things maybe I can use this to my advantage. Maybe I'll get her to do the vacuuming or rearrange the furniture for me.