doing for others

we knitted and sculpey'd, brewed up hot cocoa from almond milk, cleaned out the pond, played instruments, jumped rope, trampolined, scootered to the park, and collected flowers. there were hot wheels cars and neighborhood boys, bouncing balls and "watch me, auntie kerri!" child's play is the nectar of life's sweetness when diversion is the end goal. while grandmother was under ICU care i had the privilege of being the kerri-godmother, a term garnished from her daddy. and i regret i only captured one shot of her brother. more next time. :)
if we are to be anything, let us be useful and available to those we love. let us be willing to do for others and make time when need presses. how else can we then ask for help when we are the ones in want of it?
keeping her momma in my heart.