Dear Jim, It's time to go

Dear Ohio State University,

Fire Jim Tressel. Save yourself the embarrassment of 'Ring-Gate' and simply get rid of your coach. 

Sure, he's led you in a rich vein of form. He's not the man who built the Horseshoe, but he's been pretty much responsible for continually filling it over the last few years, while they watch dominant Buckeyes teams upon dominant Buckeyes teams roll through the Big Ten before coughing and choking in two National Championship Games. We won't talk about Miami in 2003 - safe to say that it was a lucky, lucky call you got that day. Oh, and he wins Big Ten titles - albeit some of them shared (like 2005 and 2008 with Penn State- despite losing to Coach Paterno (but that's another gripe!)

Jim Tressel is a decent person for getting teams to play him, too. Last year Miami came to town, and before that, it was Texas and USC. Let's not accuse Jim Tressel of permanently crapping up the schedule, because it would be untrue. We just wish than one of those loud-mouthed SEC schools would come to The Horseshoe, because that's the sort of stadium which would make even the dacquiri-filled LSU shut his trap for fear of a good old-fashioned Columbus welcome.

Oh, and Jim Tressel can recruit, too. Every year, Tressel comes up with a Top 5 class. His players have consistently gone to the NFL. Hey, one of 'em just celebrated a NFL title. His name's AJ Hawk. Notre Dame should remember him - he brutalised them during the Rose Bowl of 2005 (Penn State was playing in the Orange Bowl that year as Big Ten Champs, we might add!).

He wears an awesome sweater-vest, he's got the haircut of a grade school teacher, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a jacket with leather on the patches. He's apparently a hard-working, decent individual.

But that does not mean that Jim Tressel should not resign, members of the athletic board of The Ohio State University (we won't emphasise the 'The' (although your guys sure as hell do!). He knew about Terrelle Pryor and his team members selling off jewellry - and forwarded it onto to people other than the Ohio State authorities.. He put his hands up and said: "I want a 2-game fine". That's all well and good. He'll probably take a five game one - just like his players. But he knew about what his players were doing - EIGHT MONTHS before the school found out. As Yahoo puts it - if it was a loser-ish coach, he'd be looking for a job right now.

We don't know why Ohio State hasn't fired Tressel already. But we'd like to know and we'd like to know NOW. And that guy Smith can go too.

Yours sincerely,

College Football Fans For Justice