Healthy, wholesome, feel-good, delicious.

*Mushrooms, Red Onions, Red-Green-Yellow Peppers, Zuchini - stir fried in a pan.
*3 egg whites, sprinkle of Pepper, dab of Water - scrambled in a bowl & poured on top of veggies in pan.
*Sprinkle with light cheddar and fold in half.
*Side of WW Multigrain toast and 1tsp butter.

= Egg White Veggie Omelet and Toast.
(5 WW PointsPlus)

(Inspired by my friend Robyn's breakfast tweet this morning)

Dear Jim, It's time to go

Dear Ohio State University,

Fire Jim Tressel. Save yourself the embarrassment of 'Ring-Gate' and simply get rid of your coach. 

Sure, he's led you in a rich vein of form. He's not the man who built the Horseshoe, but he's been pretty much responsible for continually filling it over the last few years, while they watch dominant Buckeyes teams upon dominant Buckeyes teams roll through the Big Ten before coughing and choking in two National Championship Games. We won't talk about Miami in 2003 - safe to say that it was a lucky, lucky call you got that day. Oh, and he wins Big Ten titles - albeit some of them shared (like 2005 and 2008 with Penn State- despite losing to Coach Paterno (but that's another gripe!)

Jim Tressel is a decent person for getting teams to play him, too. Last year Miami came to town, and before that, it was Texas and USC. Let's not accuse Jim Tressel of permanently crapping up the schedule, because it would be untrue. We just wish than one of those loud-mouthed SEC schools would come to The Horseshoe, because that's the sort of stadium which would make even the dacquiri-filled LSU shut his trap for fear of a good old-fashioned Columbus welcome.

Oh, and Jim Tressel can recruit, too. Every year, Tressel comes up with a Top 5 class. His players have consistently gone to the NFL. Hey, one of 'em just celebrated a NFL title. His name's AJ Hawk. Notre Dame should remember him - he brutalised them during the Rose Bowl of 2005 (Penn State was playing in the Orange Bowl that year as Big Ten Champs, we might add!).

He wears an awesome sweater-vest, he's got the haircut of a grade school teacher, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a jacket with leather on the patches. He's apparently a hard-working, decent individual.

But that does not mean that Jim Tressel should not resign, members of the athletic board of The Ohio State University (we won't emphasise the 'The' (although your guys sure as hell do!). He knew about Terrelle Pryor and his team members selling off jewellry - and forwarded it onto to people other than the Ohio State authorities.. He put his hands up and said: "I want a 2-game fine". That's all well and good. He'll probably take a five game one - just like his players. But he knew about what his players were doing - EIGHT MONTHS before the school found out. As Yahoo puts it - if it was a loser-ish coach, he'd be looking for a job right now.

We don't know why Ohio State hasn't fired Tressel already. But we'd like to know and we'd like to know NOW. And that guy Smith can go too.

Yours sincerely,

College Football Fans For Justice


There has been a lot of turmoil in my life the past few months. I've been trying to manage it all as best I can but recently it bubbled up and spilled over causing a big ugly mess.  A nasty, toxic, horrid mess.

Time to do some housecleaning.

Figuratively and literally.

I went through my closet a few days ago.  There were a lot of clothes hanging there that I have not worn in a very long time. Some, over a year.  I removed them from my closet, put them in a pile on my bed. There was a beautiful shirt that I bought a few months ago at the Gap. I bought it in XL as that was my size at the time. Since buying it, I've lost some weight and it no longer fits - however I've never had the opportunity to wear it.  I regret wasting money on it but keeping it in my closet is not going to do any good.  Out of the closet, onto the pile.  The jeans I bought that I've been meaning to get shortened that no longer fit nicely. Onto the pile. Into the basement to be sorted through and donated.

Some things sit in your house for so long that you don't even realize that you don't have a need for them anymore. They just become a part of what you see everyday. I'm working on weeding through that stuff.  For starters, the nursing pillow that I've been using to cushion Lincoln if he falls backwards.  Well Lincoln is big and strong enough now he doesn't need it any more. The bouncy chair that I have sitting in the kitchen for those times when I was cooking dinner and Lincoln wanted to be able to see me?  Well he's long surpassed the allowable GVW on that and it's just been stowed under my chopping block.  Gone and gone.  To my old nemesis, the electric breast pump that's hanging in it's carrying bag in the laundry room? Watch out, you're next.

The new blog that some friends and I started up - Food, Mood, Attitude.  I'm deleting it.  It's not working out how I had envisioned and I don't have the energy to keep it up - taking pictures of everything I eat and thinking of clever things to write in regards to getting healthy is taking up more time and energy than I'm willing to donate. Ironically, in part of keeping myself mentally healthy, letting this extra bit of thinking and writing go is necessary.  Thank you to all who contributed and commented on this little project. I do plan on incorporating some of what I did there into this very blog, here.  Getting healthy is part of my life right now and I won't be ashamed to write about it here. 

While I have really enjoyed reading The Hunger Games Trilogy, I am now halfway through the final book and I'm really ready to be done with Katniss Everdeen.  Enough already.  I do need to finish reading this book because I need to know what happens to her and District 13 and Peeta and the fight against the Capital - but once it's done I think I will stay away from teen book series for a while and read some things a little more grown up.  I've got my eye on  "The Kitchen House" right now.

Cleaning and decluttering my living space opens the door to allow my my mind to be more clear and free to sort through other things. Internal things.  There is a LOT in my head that needs to be cleaned and sorted and weeded out right now. The unnecessary thoughts and worries need to be swept out. I need to stop thinking and worrying about things that I can not change. Stop feeling guilty for things I am not responsible for. Let go of negativity.

In doing that I hope to open up a little more to the bit of personal spirituality that I've experienced in the past few months and the positivity that it's brought with it.

I think I'll write a little more too.  I received so many positive comments on my last blog post, nudging me to be more open and write more "nakedly" again. I feel encouraged to do just that.  And for those who don't approve or don't like what I say - just too bad for you.  Start your own blog then and YOU can say whatever YOU like. Stop "spying" on me and judging me or using me for your entertainment.

Hmph. Just writing that makes me feel better

doing for others

we knitted and sculpey'd, brewed up hot cocoa from almond milk, cleaned out the pond, played instruments, jumped rope, trampolined, scootered to the park, and collected flowers. there were hot wheels cars and neighborhood boys, bouncing balls and "watch me, auntie kerri!" child's play is the nectar of life's sweetness when diversion is the end goal. while grandmother was under ICU care i had the privilege of being the kerri-godmother, a term garnished from her daddy. and i regret i only captured one shot of her brother. more next time. :)
if we are to be anything, let us be useful and available to those we love. let us be willing to do for others and make time when need presses. how else can we then ask for help when we are the ones in want of it?
keeping her momma in my heart.

Naked blogging

I'm afraid to write like I used to.  I never thought I would be blog shy but every time I go to write a post lately I think of all the different people whom I know that read my blog and if this one would be offended, or that one would "tsk tsk" at me, or if another would roll their eyes at me and think I'm an over-dramatic wackjob. 

I've always liked to write when I'm stressed or upset about things or sad or mad or frustrated or whatever. I can usually put some sort of humorous spin on it and have always been able to laugh at myself.  Unfortunately the other people in my life don't always appreciate my laughing at myself - because it sometimes means that I'm also laughing at them.  Or with them.  Whatever. Laughing.  Laughing feels good. But then it doesn't when you get in trouble for it.

And so with having to consider everyone's feelings and thoughts and judgements, it's gotten harder and harder to write freely (or nakedly as it's called in the blog world), and honestly... it's not quite as therapeutic or as fun as it used to be.

Sure I could write a bunch of fluff about my children and the weather and laundry but that would suck the life out of me as a blogger.  I need to keep my edge. I need to write as me.  I need to write freely. 

I need to find a way to do that.

I don't really have an answer right now but I sure am thinking a lot about it lately.  Changes need to be made.


everyone photographs flowers. so i resist them. but they are appearing in our wanderings, from voice lessons in walnut creek to strolls in the hills, at the library in town, etc. their natural beauty is magnetic, their colors and delicacy breathe vibrant life into a grey and otherwise wet, dormant world. the goal being to give new life to the familiar - and often i wonder if that is possible: to make images of that which otherwise seems cliche."pretty pictures of flowers." hoh-hum. i do not know. all i know is i know very little...and that their annual emergence is the physical manifestation of life longing for itself. and *that* is impossible to overlook.

Auburn Football: A Program With Its Head In The Toilet Bowl


Things simply could not have been sicker for the 2011 National Champion Auburn Tigers right now..

Shortly after winning the National Title that it didn't get earlier - or play for - in the 2000s, things have gone downhill for War Eagle and friends.

VOMIT! Defensive God Nick Fairley and God-With-Controversy Cameron Newton (and my God, didn't Cam make a fool out of himself at the NFL Combine?), nominated for NFL riches instead of staying for another year. With the NFL lockout, that's not looking like a great idea.

VOMIT - AND DEATH! Alabama fan Harvey Updyke gets pissed at the fact that Auburn fans toilet papering the trees at Toomer's Corner - the ones which get pounded with toilet paper after every Auburn victory - so instead of peeing on them and telling all his buddies about it like any good football fan should do, he poisons them, and destroys one of college football's greatest legacies. This guy Updyke's a little passionate, by the way. His daughter's called Crimson, his son's called Bear (We don't know whether his wife's called Auburn, or if he uses Tide washing powder). He tells a radio station about it, and suddenly becomes the most famous Alabama Crimson Tide fan since Joe Namath.

VOMIT - AND GUNS! Then, starter Michael McNeil and three others (Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens and Dakota Mosley), presumably after having 900 beers and a fair amount of crack, decide to rob someone's house, and they get caught, charged, and thrown off the team.

VOMIT - AND MUSCLE GUNS! On March 3, H-Back Eric Smith was booted for domestic violence.

VOMIT - AND BYE!! Derek Winter, Phillip Pierre-Louis, Andre Harris and Robert Cooper weren't going to start and have exited stage left, but Coach Gene Chizik didn't even mention their names. Christ, and these guys were actually pretty well-behaved (ie we didn't hear anything bad about these kids (correct us if we're wrong))!

VOMIT - AND WHAT NOW?? An HBO documentary is coming out claiming the Auburn paid its recruits. LSU's name's mentioned. This season's just 'gotten uglier'

We're sorry, War Eagle. It's going to look like a year that should see your fans with their heads in the toilet.

ENDLESS TRIP in Record Collector

The five-star review below appears in the current issue of Record Collector, and calls  Endless Trip 'knowledgeable', 'perceptive' and 'thought-provoking', concluding that it's 'a splendid tome' and 'a one-way ticket to essentialdom'. Much obliged!

making space for creativity

making physical and mental space for creativity seems fleeting these days. for a few hours at least, the time was mine to play and explore in ruffles, serging, and colorful patchworks of fabric. aprons. love.

Morning Coffee

Am I ever looking forward to experiencing the joys that are sure to be bestowed upon me this morning after Ruby snatched my half drank cup of coffee from the table and chugged it, looking at me with her big doe eyes over the rim of the mug, wild with defiance as I ran across the room yelling "No! No! NOOOOO!".

Because 2 year olds aren't obnoxious enough!?  Now she's going to be all jacked up on caffeine!  And that coffee is all I have to somewhat even the playing field so that I have a raindrop's hope in Hell of surviving the day and keeping up with her and her 9 month old brother.  Now the scales have been tipped dangerously in her favor.

Well, trying to look on the bright side of things maybe I can use this to my advantage. Maybe I'll get her to do the vacuuming or rearrange the furniture for me.


i neglected to post this one! it was lovely. variations in motion: such a tremendous amount of choreography - 3 hours of production, twice in one night. so proud of my young dancer and all the others as well. (thank you debbie, for the pic!)
the full show gallery is here:

birthday girls

pink. flowers, tea, cupcakes, sugar, chocolate covered cookies, banners from the alaskan fabric she brought me back from her cruise, words of inspiration of the way i think of her. sarah's 39th, and kelly's too. laughing, reliving half a life ago.pretty packages. sweetness. love you birthday girls.

Follow up

As a follow up to yesterday's post - apparently she learned a thing or two from that book she was reading...

Pink Floyd: vipers at the gates of dawn

Pink Floyd, summer 1967 - note the hip fans in the background,
and Roger's crotch - I do hope he wasn't cheating
Pink Floyd were making waves in the UK underground as of late 1966, and by the spring of 1967 the mainstream pop press was taking note too. I thought I'd throw a few early items up from one of the best music papers of the period, Disc & Music Echo. 

'Arnold Layne' was released on March 11th, and reviewed by Penny Valentine the same day (lucky girl, she must have had one of the promo copies in a picture sleeve):

On March 25th the paper ran this wittily-headlined piece, which is perhaps where most of their future fans first learnt names such as 'Mick Mason' and 'Syd Barratt'. It also makes an intriguing reference to their plans for 'a possible television series':

The same issue contained this letter,  penned by an aggrieved pop fan who clearly didn't like the winds of change that were blowing through the hit parade:

The missive provoked this furious reply:

Disc & Music Echo clearly sided with Elaine, as the April 1st issue contained the following back-page feature, somewhat bizarrely contributed by Mick Jagger's younger brother Chris:

The April 8th issue contained two interesting items. The first of them announced an important showcase gig for the quartet, as well as the television show referred to on March 25th. I have yet to encounter a subsequent reference to the latter. 'Percy The Ratcatcher' was the working title of 'Lucifer Sam', incidentally:

The wittily-headlined article below appeared a few pages later (and confuses Syd Barrett and Rick Wright, whilst also acclaiming Syd as 'the best-looking of a rather ordinary bunch'. So who really is the better looking?):

By this time, the band was not only appearing in features, but also in small ads:

'See Emily Play' was released on June 16th, and duly reviewed by Penny Valentine on the 17th (presumably she received a promo p/s for this one too, damn her):

Her lukewarm response mattered not a whit: by July they were bona fide hitmakers, and anticipation was running high for their first LP, whose title Bob Farmer excitedly announced on July 8th: Viper At The Gates Of Dawn.

On July 15th their tour dates were announced, as well as forthcoming appearances on a kids' TV show:

On July 22nd came another overview of the band (which also confuses Syd Barrett and Rick Wright, and tells us that Syd 'doesn't care about money and isn't worried about the future'):

On the same page appeared this advert:

But the album wouldn't be released for another couple of weeks. In the meantime the boys ventured to Scotland, from where Bob Farmer filed this wittily-headlined report from the glamorous Stotfield Hotel in Lossiemouth, published on July 29th:

After several delays, the album appeared on August 5th 1967. The issue of Disc that day didn't mention the LP, instead focusing on a possible circus-style tour that, according to co-manager Peter Jenner, 'could be the biggest thing to happen in pop':

At last, the album was reviewed on September 2nd by Bob Farmer (in an issue whose cover was entirely given over to a Brian Epstein tribute): 

spring approaches

it's coming. the rain continues to moisten the world and the greyness sets my mood just right. wet weather creates a pallette of stillness and space for creative venues and thoughts overmuddled by the daily requirements of life. amid geography and english lessons, laundry, driving, algebra, queen victoria and the civil rights movement of the 60's, spanish, biology, and driver's ed, there is a glimmer of life stirring in a new direction. i am a captive audience of potentiality, and wait in anticipation as the buds emerge, slowly open, affording life anew. spring approaches!