Monday, Monday

Ever have a day where you just feel so... blah - and there is no obvious reason for it?  I mean, sure Lincoln fussed from 3:30am to 4:30am until I got up and changed his diaper, gave him Tylenol (for his teeth), a little drink of milk and sent him back to dreamland.  But hell, that little interruption in my sleep can't be the cause for my zombie-like persona today.  I mean, I've battled bigger and badder sleep interruption than that in my day and still come out feeling better than I do today.

I had a pretty good weekend too. I saw Eric Clapton in concert on Friday in the company of my husband and one of my best friends, from a suite no less - while my parents watched my kids for me.  Saturday was a lazy one with the family.  And Sunday we had a fantastic day out - our little family drove into the city and went out for a nice sushi lunch and then to the Canucks Superskills competition where we had great seats and the kids behaved wonderfully.  Came home to dinner ready in the slow cooker. Kids were in bed at a decent time and I had a nice hot shower and some reading in bed before shutting off the lights.

Today I should feel good. 

But... sigh... I feel draggy and tired and even a little bit blue.  I've been pulling out all the stops to feel better - super healthy eating, housework (a clean house usually makes me feel pretty good), organizing and decluttering (hiding toys in the basement), I even managed to get the kids to take their afternoon nap at the same time so I could have time to myself - but then I just sat on the couch and pretty much stared at the wall. I tried to read my book but couldn't get into it. Tried doing crosswords but kept staring blank at the page and then looking up the answers in the back. I even got a cheque in the mail for fifty dollars but it did nothing to pick me up (it's just going towards bills anyways).

My last resort is to take the kids for a good, long, brisk walk and hope that the exercise and fresh air give me a boost.

And if THAT doesn't work, I give.  Some times you just have to sit in your own shitty mood and allow yourself to feel crappy until you can ride it out and it passes.