Ladies don't say fuck

I really do get such much satisfaction in dropping a good f-bomb. I find swearing very gratifying when used in the right way. Or... uh, really any way. I have a bit of a trucker mouth, although I have curbed it immensely since my kids came along. I really do try to watch what I say in front of them but jeez, my life is stressful. And when I'm unloading the dishwasher at the end of a hectic day I drop a cup on the ceramic floor, sometimes a good sharp "FUCK!" can make it all better.

I always figured that when I had kids I would still be able to swear - I would just teach them that those words are not for them to say, that some words are only for adults to use. Clearly that was BEFORE I was actually a parent and deep in the trenches. 

I did make an attempt at letting Ruby know she shouldn't use bad language. But I learned today that my methods aren't working all that well.

It was a rare moment when I was alone in the kitchen preparing dinner while Ruby entertained herself in the living room.  I could hear her playing with her toys and babbling away in her little two year old voice.  My ears sharpened when I heard this:


No shit.

Yes, shit.


Ruby say SHOOT.



No say fock.


Ladies no say fock...

Ladies don't say fuck. Yes, that was my futile attempt at trying to get her not to say it when she repeated it after me last week. And I'll admit that I do think it's kind of funny when she says it - but it wouldn't be so funny when she says it at our playgroup, or worse - to her Nan or Grandma.   

So unfortunately, THIS pretty little lady does say fuck - which means that I guess I need to be more of a lady and say the word less often - at least in her earshot...

Fuck, I'm gonna miss saying fuck.