A quick Super Bowl Diary - With Links.

Far be it for the View From North America to self-promote on a college football blog, but our self-esteem's a little low so we'd love you guys checking out some of our articles.

You see, last week was a pretty crazy week for us.

We watching College Football Signing Day from Philadelphia International Airport sitting through a delay waiting for a connection to Dallas. And we didn't find out where this kid, who we'll call "The Clown" is going to sign - because he's going to wait to give Clemson and South Carolina a Happy Valentine's Day present. As any recruit worth their while has slung out their phone to ignore coaches and recruiting sites, we're going to have to wait until Monday.

We arrived in Dallas to the blistering cold, and the next day interviewed Auburn defensive end Nick Fairley. Kids, this guy up close is ABSOLUTELY HUGE. And he's going to be pretty huge in the NFL, too. We predict the next Terrell Suggs. We also met Larry Fitzgerald, who told us - quite incorrectly, that Penn State sucked. Someone in his group muttered that he didn't play for the Nittany Lions because JoePa wanted him to play linebacker. The mind boggles....

That night we met some former Oklahoma kid with a big arm called Sam Bradford. The guy was dressed like Inspector Gadget, with long beige coat and thick glasses. He got ignored. Former Alabama defensive standout Lorenzo Washington didn't. Maybe because no-one really recognises Bradford out of St Louis.

On Saturday, with us feeling a little rebooted, we hit up Leigh Steinberg's party where we chatted to New York Yankees player Nick Swisher, saw Marshall Faulk and Shannon Sharpe get into the Hall of Fame, and chilled.

And on the Sunday, we went to the Super Bowl, and told Desmond Howard how much we loved College Gameday, because by God, we do. Oh, and there was a small matter of the game, too, where afterwards we shook hands with former Penn State TE Andrew Quarless who said: "Penn State! That's where it's at!!"

We couldn't agree more - although last week 'Where it was at' was Dallas.

Oh, and we laughed a lot at the Doritos Pug commercial.