Miss Teapot, Winter

oh heavens she has been so patient waiting for her images we shot that early cold morning in fall. i hope they are well received. but what i want to know most - do the recipients of these exquisitely crafted crowns know the loving personal attention to detail she dedicates to each and every one? do they know the hand made-ness that permeates literally every detail of these adornments? the beeswaxed frames, the hand beading, the hand-stamped miniature ceramics fired in her home kiln, the hand-sewing, the machine sewn touches on every single hang tag, the attention to non-toxic materials, the time and passion put in to natural fibers for every piece. do they know?? i want them to.
i love you miss teapot, friend b, cheryl.

complete session at www.zenfolio.com/fuloflyfe