Game On

When I got pregnant with Lincoln (surprise!) I had been trying to lose weight (out the window that went) and I swore that I would get back to doing Weight Watchers no more than 5 minutes after he was born.  But after he was born things were... different and I got to a place in my life where I swore I would never to back to Weight Watchers.  In the days, weeks, months after he was born my sleep deprived brain could NOT imagine adding one. more. thing. to my proverbial plate to deal with or think about.  It was all I could do to get through the day. I could not fathom the thought of counting points, restricting calories and playing all the little mind games that I play when I'm on Weight Watchers.

Besides, I was breastfeeding! And everyone knows that when you are breastfeeding, your excess weight just "falls off" you. 

Except not.

At least not for me.

Hovering at a ridiculously high weight and not seeing any change in weeks, I recently started contemplating the whole thing again. Of any weight loss plan that I know, Weight Watchers is the most adaptable.  And I've been successful with it in the past. But did I want to go there? In all honesty I think I made myself sick of the plan by doing it halfassedly so many times in the past. 

What to do?

Then that damn Jennifer Hudson started showing up on my TV in her sexy white dress, singing the praises of Weight Watchers.  She must feel so good!  I want to feel that good!  Could I do this?  Could I fit it into my insane life?

Then, like a sign, I received a Weight Watchers brochure in the mail.  The plan boasted that most fruits and veggies were now ZERO points! AND that the daily points allowance and the weekly bonus points allowance had gone up!  Oh hell yeah! That sounded great to me!  It was all I needed to propel my fat ass back to a Weight Watchers meeting, all determined and charged up and gung-ho.

What I discovered after I signed up and paid for my "monthly pass" was that yes, the daily and weekly bonus points allowance had gone up - but along with that the formula for calculating points on most foods had also changed and many foods have a much higher points value.

For example...just off the top of my head... regular beer used to be 3 points and now... now... it's 5!!!! And light beer which used to be 2 points is now 3!

Ahhh...Well played, Weight Watchers.  Well played.

I'll admit that I felt a little bit of panic at this realization. Everything that I knew about Weight Watchers (which was everything) had changed.  I would have to relearn everything! All my little mind games would no longer be applicable. The food I had traditionally eaten during previous WW attempts would not all fit into my new plan.  I would need a whole new strategy!

After the panic subsided I realized that this was EXACTLY what I needed.  Something new to get me excited and interested again. A different way to look at food and exercise and weight loss.  It's actually quite genius.  And really, how much beer do I drink these days anyways?  Not nearly as much as I have in the past. (Purely for survival reasons.)

So bring it on, Weight Watchers. You may have fooled me into signing up for your little plan but I can play your game. I will play and I will WIN.

Bring. It. On.