And a Les Miles in a pear tree....

After eating far too much Christmas lunch and watching far too many bad movies (right now I'm sadly watching Music & Lyrics (aaargh!!!)), we've got a Yuletide "Partridge and a Pear Tree" song.

So here we go....

On the 12th day of College Football My true love - who's probably an Oregon Cheerleader - said to me:

12  Tennessee on the field at Tiger Stadium

11 Oregon Cheerleaders

10 Wins for the Oklahoma State Cowboys

9  - 4 South Carolina's record in the SEC East (they would have come 4th in the SEC West)

8 (x10+3) points scored by Wisconsin against Indiana

7 Texas-sized losses

6 wonder-finishes in college football this season

5 Ohio State players suspended!!

4 games for AJ Green

3 million Duck press-ups

2 hundred thousand reasons why Cam Newton might have to give back his Heisman


A  Les Miles in a pear tree