We're nearly at the end (sob!): Week 13 thoughts...

We're nearly at the end of the college football season. Until September goes, Saturday's not going to be a wonderful highlight of my evenings anymore. I might have to do something else - like go to bed.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Top 25 for the BCS fellas. Dammit boys, in 2011 give me a vote, will you??

  1. Oregon - Didn't play, didn't matter.
  2. Auburn - So, who's excited about THAT game against Alabama? Me, for a start...
  3. Boise State - Beat the living crap out of Fresno State. Praying for an Oregon or Auburn loss.
  4. TCU - Didn't play either.
  5. LSU - The rationale for the Tigers being above Wisconsin is this: Les Miles beats shitty teams with 30 seconds to go. Brett Bielma beats them by 82. Les' version is more fun.
  6. Wisconsin - Victory on the road to Michigan proves nothing - apart from the fact that Michigan sucks ass.
  7. Ohio State - Tough victory on the road at Iowa. Terrelle Pryor - enjoy the trip to New York in 2011.
  8. Stanford - Andrew Luck is a fantastic QB. Period.
  9. Alabama - Take this from us: Alabama will beat Auburn in Tuscaloosa next week. 
  10. Michigan State - The struggles to win over Northwestern and Purdue drop this team down a bit.
  11. Oklahoma State - Can't wait for the OU-OSU game. Should be a whole lot of fun. Gameday's there too, by the way.
  12. Arkansas- By the way, the MSU and OSU, UA slots are interchangeable. Arkansas is a fine football team, and should knock off LSU this weekend.
  13. Virginia Tech - After Tech's fantastic win at Miami, the James Madisoners are making Boise looking better and better each week.
  14. Texas A&M- Probably shouldn't be this high, but let me speak. Wins over OU and Nebraska is great news from the best fans in the Big XII.
  15. Oklahoma - Hammered Baylor and proved that they aren't a bad team. Having said that, they aren't that good, either.
  16. South Carolina - The win over Troy was nothing. But the victory over Florida still sticks in the mind. Clemson, here we come...
  17. Nebraska - Horrible loss at Texas A&M won't mean much: they'll win the Big XII North this year.
  18. Missouri - Not a bad team, but not going to win the Big XII. 
  19. NC State - Dealt with a dangerous UNC team, and a good ACC team. If there is such a thing...
  20. Arizona - Dangerous Pac-10 team which has a monster game with Oregon lined up. We're quite excited.
  21. Nevada - Still the third-best non-BCS team. Will be out of the Top 25 after Boise State deal with them - we promise.
  22. Florida State - Strangely, if the Noles lose to Florida, it'll be considered an upset.
  23. Iowa - ANOTHER sickening kick-in-the-balls loss for the Hawkeyes. How many has it been this season, again?
  24. West Virginia - The Big East is horrific, so why not?
  25. Mississippi State - The loss against Arkansas was a tough one. If they lose to Ole Miss, it'll be even tougher.
Things to note 1: Florida, Texas and Penn State still aren't in the Top 25, despite going 3-0 this weekend.
Things to note 2: Utah lost to Notre Dame, and therefore shouldn't be in ANYONE's Top 25.
Things to note 3:  VFA Heisman Race 1) Cam Newton, our favourite running, throwing (of ball and laptops) quarterback. 2) Andrew Luck (Because this kid's ready to play on Sundays NOW, while Newton reminds us a little too much of Vince Young (NFL version (ie not a compliment) 3) Kellen Moore - Fantastic young quarterback who has kept Boise's title hopes clicking along.