The Jig Is Up

We FINALLY got in to have Lincoln's tests done on his urinary tract and a visit with a pediatric urologist.

It seems I've been played for the fool. 

Lincoln's urinary tract is in perfect working order.  As are his little boy parts.  He has a small problem with foreskin tightness which would explain his UTIs but he is already growing out of it and it should be normal within a month or so.  It is also unlikely that all his UTIs were actually full blown UTIs as the urologist thinks that at least the 2nd one was just a bit of bacteria that could have come from under his foreskin. 

So he's all good.  He's not sick.

Which means that it's now time for a little sleep training.  It's become clear that his evening screaming fit is likely due to him refusing to nap all day and then being up half the night nursing.  I have had him sleeping in my bed with me due to his excessive nursing - which I thought was due to his discomfort from having kidney reflux... which I now know he doesn't have. 

Sneaky little devil.

The crackdown is now on.  I've been putting out my SOS's all over the internet today and also speaking to the health nurse and hopefully my midwife - looking for the best way to get him to nap during the day and to sleep through the night.  The kid is 5 months old and nearly 18lbs.  He's not hungry every 45 minutes as he would have me believe.

I know things will get worse before they get better.  We're going to hear a bit of protest from him I'm sure.  But I'll be doing him a favor.  And myself.  And Steve and Ruby too.  (And anyone else we come in contact with for that matter.) 

The jig is up, little man.  As much as I love the snuggles, I need more sleep and so do you.