Keep it to yourself

You know what you really shouldn't do?  You shouldn't pass comment on how a mother is raising her children no matter how right you think you are or how clever you think you are or how much you think you know about... whatever.   Unless of course you see someone burning their kids with cigarettes or driving their vehicle with their kids tied behind it, or something else of the like - shut up. 

No really, shut it.

Not even if you think you're being cute/funny by disguising your judgey comment as if you're talking to the kids themselves.  For example - when you see a woman pushing a double stroller into the grocery store with two little kids in it, it is inappropriate and highly fucking annoying that you just can't control your trap enough to not say this, "Oh my goodness!  You look so cold!  I hope your mommy gets you into that warm store soon so you can warm up!  Brrrrr!!!!" And then give a snarky look to the mommy pushing that stroller.

Fuck off.

For the record, my kids were both wearing socks, pants, turtle-necks, boots/shoes AND winter coats.  No, they were not wearing toques or mittens.  I don't feel the need to bundle them up excessively for the grand total of 20 seconds that they are between the warm house and the warm vehicle and then the other 30 seconds that they are between the warm vehicle and the warm store. 

Also?  None of your business, Chatty Cathy. Really.  You can dress YOUR kids (or grandkids as it may be) however you like. And I'll do the same or different with mine. 

And?  Did you perhaps stop to consider what it takes to get this whole operation out of the house, and into an actual grocery store? It takes a bit of work.  Extra work when the mom is maybe not getting a lot of sleep and the kids are a bit fussy.  So your comment?  Not necessary and really, really irritating.

After all it's not like I had them out tobogganing in their underwear.

And this has happened to me twice before.  Once a woman walked by us and said "Oh she looks so cold" and looked at me with a sad face like I was 16 and we were too poor to afford clothes.  Another time a woman straight out scolded me for not having Ruby's ears covered when there was a light breeze blowing.  That woman almost got pushed in front of a speeding car. 

What makes people think that their opinion is soooo valuable that they just can NOT resist spewing their personal thoughts and feelings to complete strangers? The only opinions that I want to hear are positive ones such as how cute/smart/funny/talented my kids are and/or what a kickass job I am doing of raising them.