Conjuring Up Some Week 13 Predictions

We're entering the second-to-last week of the College Football regular season, which some fans will want to end quickly (Texas, Florida) and some will want to never, ever end (Oregon). For our Pac-10 friends, there is one more regular season game left. While for Big Ten, Big XII, SEC and ACC foes, it. all. ends. here.

The VFA gives you our thoughts on an incredible three days of college football that are upcoming. Bo Pellini translation not provided....


Texas at Texas A&M

If Texas hadn't beaten FAMU like a red-headed stepchild on Saturday, we would have been a tad worried. Heck, we're already worried about the Longhorns, who are one of the worst college football teams in Texas right now (we forsee a battle for that title with SMU). Texas A&M had 12 men on Saturday (some might argue that the title (depending on whether you root for Aggies or Huskers) goes to fans or the refs) against Nebraska, and pulled out a 9-6 victory.  PREDICTION: A&M pull it off and beat the Longhorns on the road. 


Auburn at Alabama

It's hard not to breathe in a bit when these two get together. Especially right now, when the No.2-ranked Auburn walk into a wall of hate in Tuscaloosa. Cam Newton has been brilliant this season, but against the country's 3rd-ranked defense, he's definitely going to struggle. On the other side of the ball, if Nick Fairley's well-blocked, then Mark Ingram's going to have all the time in the world to convert small runs into acres. Oh, and bad luck to Greg McElroy, who's not going to Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship. PREDICTION: Alabama takes Auburn to school, and ruins their rival's National Title chances.

Arizona at Oregon

This game would have been the game of the day had Alabama-Auburn not been rescheduled on the Friday to fit in with some CBS producer's wedding day/ long-weekend/NFL schedule. But this game is still big. Arizona comes in stumbling a bit, having lost two straight to Stanford and USC. Oregon was untidy in its victory over Cal, but won all the same. Our call? Oregon wins by 14 in a game closer than many - including Vegas - anticipates. 

Colorado at Nebraska

If the Huskers win, they go to the Big XII North title game. If they lose, they get laughed at by just about everybody. We think Nebraska will win. By the size of one of those cornfields.

West Virginia at Pittsburgh

Two words for this Big East match-up also known as 'Bedlam'...... Who cares? West Virginia wins this, for what it's worth. 


Michigan State at Penn State

The traditional end to the Big Ten season is a fantastic match-up that we hope will continue long into Nebraska's presence in our beloved conference. It's nearly always good - if you're a Penn State fan- because Penn State normally wins. This year Penn State has the chance of scoring a monster upset by beating the Spartans, who have been running to stand still lately  - particularly as they should have lost to Northwestern and Purdue this year.  PREDICTION: Michigan State wins, but only after they've spotted Penn State a 14 point lead.

Michigan at Ohio State

Altogether now...."We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan". Defensively, Michigan couldn't give a damn either. We think this game's going to be fun until the fourth quarter, when Ohio State pulls away and 100,000 crazy red-clad nutjobs go nuts.

South Carolina at Clemson

The good news for Stephen Garcia and Kyle Parker is that their teams don't depend on them for victory. Parker can't wait to hit the baseball season and Garcia can't wait for a haircut. Clemson's not a bad team, and Jamie Harper's quite a weapon to have. Be afraid, Clemson fans, of Marcus Lattimore, who's going to grind you to the floor. This one's going to be a war, folks. PREDICTION: Clemson wins in the upset. 

Georgia Tech at Georgia

Both sides have had seasons that they've rather forget. And while Paul Johnson probably won't get fired at Georgia Tech, we'll make the prediction that Mark Richt's going that way after the season has ended, unless he manages to keep AJ Green for another year in Athens. After the off-season madness when Green was found to be a little shirty and subsequently banned for four games, it's the least you can do for those pretty co-eds, AJ (plus the NFL's not coming back for the 2011 season, so why should it matter??). We're calling for a monster AJ day, and a Georgia win. 

LSU at Arkansas

Les Miles should write a book this season entitled: "How to avoid a season-ending trainwreck and keep my job". After his escapades this season, people would do well to buy it. We're not buying the fact that LSU will beat a pumped Arkansas, though.....

Florida at Florida State

In seasons of Tebow past, this game used to be important. Not this year, folks. Florida's offence has been awful (their win on Saturday was like polishing a turd) this season. Unlike its hated state rival FSU has been a Floridian success story, and it would be fun to see the trend continue. PREDICTION 'Noles punch holes in Steve Addazio's coffin.

Northwestern at Wisconsin

Northwestern has an horrific running defense. Wisconsin is a great rushing team. Can only spell three words: Wisconsin. Victory. Roses.

Notre Dame at USC

I nearly vomited when Lou Holtz said how Matt Barkley's injury was "only fair" to Notre Dame, who'll be playing this match-up with a back-up quarterback. Makes you want to put the old geezer down. PREDICTION: USC's back-up's better than Notre Dame's, and wins by 28.

Mississippi State at Mississippi

It wasn't a good week for Mississippi, who saw three men shot at Southern Miss and - although this matters far, far less - two of its major teams lose in fairly heartbreaking fashion. This year's the Egg Bowl's going to be one of the underrated, best games of the week, with added bragging rights and heartbreak to go with it. PREDICTION: Ole Miss wins by a touchdown.