Breathing Easy After Boise: Week 14 Thoughts

What a three days of college football it was for us on Thanksgiving.

First of all, there was THAT Auburn comeback which stirred hearts. There's nothing quite like Nick Saban getting a kick in the nuts - but it's probably more satisfying when it's Auburn fans who have done it. Their rendition of "Rammer Jammer" was a touch of genius, particularly when you can guaranteed it was repeated in somewhere ways away from the stadium and earned the person singing it a well-earned kicking.

Speaking of kicking, that's probably not the word to use around Boise State at the moment, after their kicker Kyle Brotzman missed a pair of pressure kicks that had the BCS boys thanking the Good Lord that they won't have a four-way unbeaten tie for the National Championship Game (that would be three, if Auburn and Oregon win out).

LSU's hopes of National Champions went with an inept offensive performance against Arkansas, nicely doubled with a hilarious clash of secondary players that let Arkansas in for the winning touchdown with virtually no time left on the clock. My, how the VFA laughed.

We wished we were in such good humour after events at State College, but unpredictably, Penn State lost to Michigan State 28-22, despite a spirited comeback. It was nice to see how full the student section was (not), but then again it WAS the Thanksgiving weekend and Penn State weren't exactly playing glorious ball, were they?