Top 25: Week 9 thoughts

Here are our thoughts on the Top 25 best teams in college football. In advance, we'd like to apologise to any Texas Longhorns fans for not mentioning your team. That's because they are horrible (we'll get to the Mack Brown question later this week).

  1. Oregon - Came from behind and thumped USC to end the Gameday curse.  
  2. Auburn - Jogged in Mississippi, and reinforced why Cam Newton's the best player in the country
  3. Boise State - They haven't lost, and they ain't bad. Why are they fourth in the real BCS, exactly?
  4. TCU- Unbeaten. Solid. Monster game with Utah on Saturday night. 
  5. Alabama - Suddenly, everything's moving in Alabama's direction. If Alabama beat LSU, then watch out. This team could anger a lot of non-BCS fans.
  6. Utah - See remarks for TCU. Oh, and they are hosting Gameday.
  7. Nebraska - Hammered Mizzou. Told you they were good.
  8. Wisconsin - Great for beating Ohio State and Iowa. Boos for losing to MSU. The headaches begin in the Big Ten.
  9. Ohio State - The loss to Wisconsin was a mistake, right?
  10. Oklahoma - Too much credit given to OU's loss to Mizzou. It was coming. FSU's loss to NC State makes the early-season wipeout look all-the-poorer on paper.
  11. Iowa - Wiped the floor with MSU. This team is pretty special when it gets its act together.
  12. LSU - The loss to Auburn's 'good' for LSU, but they really aren't that good. We promise.
  13. Stanford - Suddenly the loss to Oregon's looking better on the resume.
  14. Missouri - Rotten performance in the first quarter killed 'Zou, who ain't unbeaten anymore.
  15. Arizona - We can only wait to see if this team will fail against Oregon to get the proper feeling.
  16. Arkansas - Yep, this two-loss Arkansas team's better than a one-loss OSU and MSU, kids.
  17. Oklahoma State - If the loss to Nebraska looked bad, the road win at dangerous KSU looks pretty good.
  18. Michigan State - They lost at Iowa, and looked awful doing it, too. Could this be the start of downhill things (the rest of the Big Ten prays?)?
  19. South Carolina- Yes! They beat Alabama! But the loss to Kentucky ain't lookin' too clever, peeps.
  20. Baylor - This Robert Griffin kid's looking like Round 1 material.
  21. Mississippi State - Would the word 'solid' really go with a Mississippi State side? I think so!
  22. Virginia Tech - Be afraid, be very afraid. FSU and Miami's loss suddenly makes the JamesMads ACC favorites.
  23. NC State - Russell Wilson continues to have the Wolfpack playing some ball.
  24. Florida State - If it wasn't for a late-game mistake, FSU could be 5-0 in the ACC. Mind you, if I was any richer and handsomer, Claudia Schiffer might be my wife....
  25. Florida - An OT win over Georgia doesn't begin to cover the cracks that Florida have. Saying that, they'll probably beat South Carolina.