This Weekend.....I Have One Thing To Say...

I. Was. Wrong.

I thought Penn State wouldn't show up against Michigan. I doubted 110,000 people who hate Michigan. I doubted a loud and proud student section, who showed up reliably late after their 12-hour drinkathon. I doubted Matt McGloin. I doubted the offensive line. I doubted the running backs. I doubted the receivers. I doubted the defense. I doubted the coaching staff. I doubted us so much that I thought Penn State would lose by 14.

But they did. 41-31 made me pretty happy. No, I lie. Extremely happy.

Penn State might not be back. But heck, this is a right way forward. It's win number 399 for Joe Paterno. No. 400 will come. It might even come as soon as Saturday against Northwestern. Let's hope so, eh?