Some Tops 5s: College Football Eight Weeks In

It's been a crazy, crazy few weeks of college football. While we enjoy the bloodbath of seeing top-ranking team after top-ranking team fall away (and slowly come back), we stop for a moment and remember horrific injuries  - particularly one Eric LeGrand, a defensive tackle for Rutgers who will be lucky is he walks again. Eric, from the bottom of our hearts, we believe in you.

Now, here are our top fives for the season so far:

Top 5 Teams

1. Oregon - Who can stop THAT offense?
2. Auburn - Cam Newton's making believers of everybody. But we'll see how good he is against Alabama, eh?
3. Boise State - As Rick Reilly says, will probably get screwed for the BCS title game once again. Virginia Tech losing to James Madison didn't help. Virginia Tech coming back DOES help.
4. Alabama - Best one-loss team in the nation, and will prove that by beating LSU and Auburn.
5. Michigan State - We love a fake field goal..especially when it beats Notre Dame. Glad you're OK, coach Mark Dantonio

Top 5 Biggest Positive Surprises

1. Michigan State - The Spartans are 8-0. Go on...tell me you predicted it.
2. Auburn - We didn't think this Cam Newton kid was THIS good...
3. Baylor - We'll repeat this. The Baylor Bears are BOWL ELIGIBLE. That's something to invade the field about, peeps!
4. Missouri - We didn't see Mizzou knocking off Oklahoma. Truly, we didn't.
5. Florida State - Suddenly, this is the team to beat in the ACC. After Oklahoma, we didn't see it coming.

Top 5 Biggest Disappointments

  1. Texas - Wow. The people of the Big XII are right. Texas DOES suck.
  2. Florida - Losing 3 in a row - including one to Mississippi State - is horrible for the Gators. We're all quite happy about that.
  3.  Penn State - They've been awful all season long. Trust me - we've watched almost every game.
  4. Texas A&M - Despite promising much, the Aggies have again found ways to lose and suck. A pity for (some) of the nation's best fans.
  5. Georgia - The Bulldogs are on fire, but only after losing to Colorado and playing a sea of crappy teams. Miss AJ Green much, Mark Richt?
Top 5 Most Exciting Players

  1. Denard Robinson (Michigan) - Might not be the best, but he's certainly the most exciting!
  2. Cam Newton (Auburn) - Superman
  3. AJ Green (Georgia) - Hey Georgia fans, miss AJ much?
  4. LaMichael James (Oregon) - Feed the James and he will score!
  5. Taylor Martinez (Nebraska) - Take your breath, Huskers fans...he's going to be around for another two years. Good times ahead!
Top 5 Best Cheerleading/ Dance Team sets (There aren't reasons - work them out yourselves!)

  1. Oregon
  2. Florida
  3. USC
  4. LSU
  5. Arizona State
Top 5 Games We Wish We Were There For

  1. Alabama vs LSU at Death Valley - Think they hate Nick Saban much?
  2. Michigan at Penn State - Nothing to gain, but no love lost
  3. Auburn vs Alabama- Think the Alabama fans might like to derail Auburn's National Title hopes?
  4. Michigan State vs Iowa - The Spartans Big Ten and National Title hopes might die here.
  5. Ohio State vs Iowa - Into the Valley of The Hawkeye rode the Buckeye.